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GOTR Summer

Summer 2015

How are you enjoying your #GOTRSummer? Share your summer photos, get healthy tips and stay connected with the GOTR mission by participating in our weekly challenges! 

Featured Photos

What summer activities will you participate in this summer? Will your GOTR gear go with you?

Whether you wear a GOTR hat at an exotic destination or your GOTR 5k shirt at a local theme park, we want to see it! Take a photo of whatever you are doing this summer in your GOTR gear and share it with us by using the #GOTRSummer hashtag on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Healthy Tip of the Week 

Healthy Tip #1: Protect Your Skin

Wear sunscreen! Be sure to pick one that protects against UVA and UVB rays and has an SPF of 30 or higher. You can also wear clothing like long sleeves and wide-brimmed hats. Did you know that your eyes need to be kept safe from the sun? Wearing sunglasses will help protect against ocular melanoma. Be extra careful 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and around water and sand, which reflect the sun's rays. Let's all stay sun-safe this summer! 

Source: Protect Yourself and Those You Love                  

Healthy Tip #2: Stay Hydrated!

Staying hydrated becomes increasingly important as we soak in all the great outdoor activities summer has to offer. Our bodies are more than half water, after all! Because children are more prone to dehydration than adults, be extra cautious in ensuring your GOTR girl consumes plenty of liquids throughout the day and drinks even before she feels thirsty. Many summertime fruits with high water contents, like watermelon, can be a fun treat and help kids stay hydrated all at the same time.

Source: Keeping Kids Hydrated

Healthy Tip #3: Gardening = De-Stressing

Planting a small garden is a great activity for you and your GOTR girl to do together this summer. By planting a garden, flower box or even a few potted plants, you can “ground” yourself in the soil and nurture your physical, mental and emotional health. If you’re really adventurous, grow some vegetables that you and your family can use to cook a healthy summer meal.

Source: WebMD

Healthy Tip #4: Wear Insect Repellent 

Summer is the perfect time to play outside, but not if your GOTR girl is prey for insects! One of the best ways to protect children from biting insects is to wear insect repellent, but it is important to ensure the repellent is used safely and correctly. Click here for a helpful list of repellents, information about how long they work and any special precautions you may need to know. Be sure to apply repellents in open areas and only spray repellents on the outside of your child’s clothing or on exposed skin. 

Source: HealthyChildren.org

Healthy Tip #5: Eat Your Veggies! 

From cucumbers to eggplant to zucchini, summer abounds with healthy and fresh seasonal vegetables, which often cost less and pack more flavor than other vegetables this time of year. Try stocking the fridge with ready-to-eat vegetable snacks, like cut up carrots or cucumbers, to get more veggies into every summer day. Encourage your GOTR girl to help you prepare a fun vegetable-filled meal, such as grilled vegetable kabobs, to introduce her to some new vegetables this season!

Source: Choose My Plate

Staying Connected

Week 1: Star Power

Star Power Photo

This week, practice using your Star Power and help others recognize and use their star power too! When you use your Star Power, you make a choice to be positive. This can be done in many ways. You can use Star Power to help you turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk. You can use it to turn a not-so-good day where things aren’t going your way to a good day by using visualization to imagine your star shining bright through those dark clouds. If you see a friend or family member and their star is covered by a dark cloud, teach them how to use their breath and imagination to blow that cloud away. Tell them that their Star Power means that they are unique and special. Every time you use your Star Power for yourself or someone else, it becomes stronger and brighter.

Week 2: Untangling Our Emotions

It’s not always easy to tell how we are feeling, but when we do, it’s much easier to express those feelings to someone else. This week, make an emotions chart for your room to help you practice identifying your feelings. Create a grid with each of the emotions below (and maybe include a picture if you’re feeling extra creative). When you get up in the morning, look at the chart and ask yourself how you are feeling. Look at all the emotions and see if any one of them matches.

At the end of the day, go back to your emotions chart and think about a time during the day when you had a particularly strong emotion. Find it on the chart. What was the situation? How did you deal with the emotion? How would you like to deal with emotion next time? Did you use any of your GOTR skills? Maybe by the end of the week you could share the chart with someone at home or move it to a central location like the kitchen or family room where others could share their emotions during the day.

Emotions: Mad, Scared, Sad, Happy, Confused and Anxious

Variation: If you’re struggling with your emotions, take a look at your emotions chart, identify your feelings and think of a strategy you learned to deal with emotions during the season at GOTR (Star Power, Stop and Take a BRthRR or I feel, when you).

Week 3: Real Beauty

At Girls on the Run we talk about real beauty coming from the inside, and we identify the qualities that make someone beautiful, such as honesty or compassion. This week, look for real beauty in the people around you, and when you see them, tell them! “I think you’re beautiful because you’re smart!” Or “I think you’re beautiful because you’re kind!” Some people might be shocked because they are used to defining beauty by physical terms, so take the opportunity to explain what you think real beauty is.

Here’s a list of real beauty qualities. Add some of your own to the list.

Honest, loving, accepting, positive, kind, respectful, compassionate, smart, healthy, helpful, confident, sharing and encouraging.

Variation: Make a list of your real beauty qualities, put them on a sticky note and paste in on your mirror so you can read it every morning for a week!

Week 4: Healthy Habits for Life

Sometimes summer is a time we spend too much time in front of electronics and not enough time being physically active. Do you remember how great it felt with you were in Girls on the Run and went to practice twice a week? Do you remember how awesome it felt to come across the finish line at the 5k? Get back to it! Commit to getting yourself outside every day for at least 30 minutes and do something physical. It doesn’t have to be running (although running is awesome, and you are really good at it). Shoot some hoops with friends, dust off your bike and ride it around the block, play hopscotch, jump rope, skate board, chase your dog. Do something fun, and you’re more likely to do it every day. You’ll feel so much better after. 

Week 5: Small Acts of Kindness

You and your team created positive change during the season by designing and implementing the community impact project. Here’s a new twist: try doing small acts of kindness each day. These could be as simple as unloading the dishwasher without being asked, helping your sibling with his summer reading, noticing your elderly neighbor’s lawn is overgrown and volunteering to cut it, saying hello and thank you to the cashier at the grocery story, texting a friend you haven’t seen in a while and saying you miss that person. Small kind acts can have a great and powerful impact on others. Plus, when you do something kind for someone, they feel good and do something kind for someone else. It’s like a tidal wave of goodness! Here are some good ideas to help get you started.