When a girl runs, she lives in the moment.

She’s no longer small, big, slow, fast, shy, loud, rule-breaker or rule-follower. The layers peel away with every step she takes until all that remains is strength. Utter confidence in her abilities and, by extension, herself. Through running, she discovers her power.

At Girls on the Run, the finish line is just the beginning.

To show how this power manifests through Girls on the Run, Athleta collaborated with Kate T. Parker, the talented photographer behind Strong is the New Pretty, to create a series of images that capture the pivotal moments.

Let the images in this slideshow inspire you to take action. When you POWER UP for Girls on the Run, you’re powering up the next generation of girls. And in the process, creating an unbreakable bond between girl and woman.

All Photos © Kate T. Parker


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