At Girls on the Run, we believe every girl is inherently full of power and potential. Along with teaching girls life skills, our programs empower girls to celebrate what makes them one of a kind, to stand up for themselves and others, and to recognize their ability to make an impact on their communities and the world.

In honor of International Day of the Girl (October 11), we’re celebrating girls for using their important and powerful voices to make the world a better place. Throughout the campaign, we will explore and amplify the way girls are stepping up and advocating for things like safer schools and neighborhoods, cleaner environments and working to restore broken people with kindness, care and community! Please join us in supporting brave and fearless girls by sharing the messages of how they are changing the narrative using #LetsTellHer on social media.

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Girls have always had the power to change the world.

#LetsTellHer how proud we are of the impact she's making.












So, What Can I Do?

We’re glad you asked! Here are a couple of ways you can show your support:

- Share a public social media post using #LetsTellHer. You can even get fun GIFs and printable selfie posters when you provide your email below.

- Sign the pledge below.

Print off the inspiring artwork created by Samza Writes and share it with a girl in your life.

- Bring your #LetsTellHer to life and share encouraging words with a girl!

- Help more girls be joyful, healthy and confident by joining the Girls on the Run movement.





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