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GOTR Summer: Week Five

By Suzanna McCloskey on 07/28/2015 | Featured Columns & Series

It's week five of GOTR Summer! Each week, we will be updating the GOTR Summer page with photos, healthy tips and weekly challenges to help you stay connected with Girls on the Run! 

Don't forget to share photos of all the places you wear your GOTR gear this summer with #GOTRSummer.

Week 5 Healthy Tip: Eat Your Veggies!

Take advantage of nature's goodies by stocking your refrigerator with ready-to-eat veggie snacks, or introduce your GOTR girl to new vegetables through fun recipes! Read more on our GOTR Summer page.

Week 5 Staying Connected Challenge: Small Acts of Kindness

Small, kind acts can have a great and powerful impact on others. Plus, when you do something kind for someone, that person feels good and will pass on the kindness to someone else!

Share your GOTR Summer moments with #GOTRSummer and read more on our GOTR Summer page!

Suzanna McCloskey


Suzanna is the Marketing Services Coordinator at Girls on the Run International, where she serves as the project manager for all marketing collateral, manages the weekly e-newsletter for Girls on the Run councils and works closely with the Partnerships and Programming Departments. She comes to Girls on the Run with a background in nonprofit communications and is thankful for the opportunity to help girls lead joyful, healthy and confident lives.

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