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Welcome to Remarkable!

By Pamela Young on 08/13/2014 | Announcements

“Let’s start a blog.” A phrase uttered by countless organizations for any number of reasons. To drive traffic to the website... to trumpet successes… because other organizations have one. These are common motivations for starting a blog. But these are not our reasons for starting this blog.

We empower our girls with the mantra, “No limits. No constraints. Only opportunities to be remarkable!” So it’s with this mantra that we launch Remarkable!, the blog and monthly e-newsletter to fuel the limitless potential in all of us. Remarkable! is about living our core values as an organization and inspiring you to live yours.

We intend to make you smile, to remind you of your power and gifts, and to introduce you to girls, coaches and families who are doing remarkable things. Expect tips for nurturing your emotional and physical health and fun activities you can do with the girls in your life. Look for insight from our curriculum and commentary that reflects our mission of inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

We’re setting the bar high for ourselves—not just because we believe in shooting for the stars, but also in solidarity with every girl who stretches herself in our program and crosses that celebratory finish line with an experience of achievement she may never have thought possible. And much like those girls, we will run, walk or skip our way down this road... hopefully together with you.

Thank you for reading, sharing and connecting.

Pamela Young


Pamela Young has more than 20 years of experience in the communications and publishing field. She has directed the editorial of a leading technology magazine, led the publishing activities of several nonprofits and currently manages the communications efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte. She was the editor of Remarkable at its inception and remains a staunch fan of GOTR and of empowering girls to find and shine their limitless potential!

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