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Printable Valentines Your Friends Will Love

By Kenzie Kramer on 02/08/2016 | Fun & Games

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and although the holiday's focus is typically on romantic love, it can also serve as a reminder to recognize all types of love in our lives including family and friends. At Girls on the Run, we encourage girls to express joy, optimism and gratitude through their words, thoughts and actions and for this February 14th, we're inviting you to as well! We've created printable cards that can be shared with anyone that you'd like to celebrate in your life. All that you need to do is open the PDF here, print, cut them out, add a message and deliver the card to someone special to brighten their day. 

Click here to get the printable Valentines.

Kenzie Kramer


Kenzie, a veteran GOTR coach, is excited to share content that connects readers to the GOTR vision and inspires them to bring the joyfulness of the core values into their lives. In her free time, she enjoys baking, biking and running with her dog. 

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