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Do’s and Don’ts for Prepping for Back to School Season

By Risa Barash on 08/15/2016 | General

As parents and guardians, we have already been bombarded with commercials, print and digital ads and articles on everything we need to do to be prepared for back to school.  Every year the list seems to get longer and the pressure to get everything perfect can be overwhelming. Don’t get roped into the hype. My philosophy is take a deep breath, do things to the beat of your own drum and keep things light – a little laughter goes a long way. To help, here are some of my key tips.

Do shop early! On the hot days of late summer, stay cool and shop for school supplies! Staying nice and cool inside will make shopping for pencils and notebooks much more tolerable.  

Do shop online for school clothes. Let’s be frank, there are few things more emotionally and physically draining as taking young children to try on clothes. Order online - find a store with free returns anytime and never, ever bring your child into a dressing room again. 

Don’t wait until the last minute to visit the Pediatrician - schedule your well visit early to give yourself months to fill out the hundreds of documents needed each year.  

Don’t wait by the mail box for your child’s teacher or schedule. Unless the school has a Miss Trunchbull or Professor Snape on staff, your child will learn to like or deal with whomever they are assigned.  

Do start the year off smart by using Rosemary Repel Hair Care. Avoid the all-encompassing panic when you get the “there’s lice in your child’s class” letter. Organic herbs help prevent head lice and it detangles making mornings just a bit less stressful too.

Do start lunchbox shopping early. Remember, these could be worth a lot of money on Ebay one day - choose wisely!

Do start putting the kids to bed earlier a few days before school. This makes that first, most stressful first morning back a bit more tolerable. Bonus, this also saves your vocal cords from wearing out screaming “get out of bed” five million times.

Don’t buy a calendar and start x-ing out the days until Christmas Break - too soon, way too soon.

Hopefully these quick tips will help you ease back into the routine with a smile!


Risa Barash


Risa Barash is the founder and co-owner of Fairy Tales Hair Care, a fundraising partner of Girls on the Run.  She has been helping to keep kids lice-free and moms sane since 1999.  

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