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Healthy Family Traditions to Start This Fall

By Brittney Storm Rankin on 10/16/2016 | Fun & Games

Take advantage of autumn's crisp temperatures and bright blue skies by participating in healthy activities with your family and friends. Think outside your normal routine to create meaningful traditions, reduce stress and get a fresh perspective on life.

Sign up for a family 5K. Family-friendly races are especially popular around Thanksgiving, so look for an event in your area. Many welcome strollers, walkers and joggers alike, so feel free to go at your own pace. Family, friends and community members are also welcome at Girls on the Run 5K events! Find your local GOTR 5K event here.

Get your heart pumping with a hike or nature walk at a nearby park or trail. Whether you take a mini road trip or stick close to home, fresh air and outdoor exercise have both physical and mental benefits.  

Switch up your evening routine. Instead of flipping on the television or starting homework after dinner, go for a family walk around your neighborhood or a nearby park. You'll incorporate more steps into your day and have a chance to catch up. 

Volunteer together or host a neighborhood canned food drive. This will teach your children the importance of giving back to those who are less fortunate and allows your family to get to know your neighbors better. 

Decorate your home for the season. Check out Pinterest for fun, family-friendly crafts you and your kids can create together. You don't have to make something elaborate, just enjoy sprucing up your home for the season. 

Go apple picking. Fall is the perfect time to visit a nearby orchard to pick your own healthy snacks as well as get some fresh air and exercise, not to mention beautiful photos. 

Watch a funny Halloween or holiday movie. Multiple studies show laughter reduces stress and anxiety. Perhaps the movie you choose can be something you watch each year as a family. 

Boost your brain power with a family book club. Every few months, let someone in the family choose an age-appropriate book to read as a group. Once you're finished, discuss your favorite characters, plot twists and what you learned.  

What are your favorite healthy family traditions? Let us know in the comments below!

Brittney Storm Rankin


Brittney Storm Rankin is a writer and communications consultant. She has been involved with Girls on the Run as a coach and is passionate about health and well-being, inspiring written content, and encouraging girls to reach their full potential. She lives with her husband in Greenville, S.C.

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