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Running Strong

By Pamela Young on 09/02/2014 | Remarkable! People

Avery runs at life with courage and confidence! After multiple cranial-facial surgeries, Avery could no longer participate in her two favorite activities: gymnastics and horseback riding. A new girl at her school, she was also facing emotional challenges. Avery’s mom, Allie, could see that it was taking a toll on her daughter's outlook and development. She enrolled Avery in Girls on the Run because of its focus on both physical and emotional growth.

Through the program Avery found a love for running, and it has lifted her spirits and built her confidence. Now Avery and Allie run together, and Allie is grateful for the ways running allows them to bond. Says Allie, “This experience has given us a physical and emotional space to talk.”

What do they talk about? Everything . . . and especially the lessons Avery is learning about celebrating her unique self and activating her limitless potential. In fact, limitless potential is a quality Allie sees shining in Avery these days. She shares, “Avery puts so much heart and soul into it! She does things 1 million percent.”

That’s fitting, because we’re 1 million percent proud of Avery and Allie!

Pamela Young


Pamela Young has more than 20 years of experience in the communications and publishing field. She has directed the editorial of a leading technology magazine, led the publishing activities of several nonprofits and currently manages the communications efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte. She was the editor of Remarkable at its inception and remains a staunch fan of GOTR and of empowering girls to find and shine their limitless potential!

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