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There Is No Better Friend Than a Sister

By Camille Grimsley on 12/13/2016 | General

Do you have sisters? I have millions of them—and really, so do you.

I joined a sorority to make an impact in my community and to be a part of something bigger than myself. Sisterhood is one of the guiding principles of my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and though I have biological siblings, I feel like my eyes have been opened to the true meaning of sisterhood since becoming a Zeta. It amazed me how women from all over the world can be strangers in one moment and in the next moment embrace each other with love—bonded by loyalty to a cause.

And then I made my way to Girls on the Run where, to my surprise, I found the same spirit of sisterhood among the staff at HQ, the staff at councils across the country, volunteers, participants, and supporters. While out to eat with a friend, our server noticed my GOTR shirt and her eyes brightened. She gushed about how much fun she had when she was in the program. I was so genuinely excited by her excitement. I listened intently and it felt as though I was listening to a little sister. 

Since being a part of two internationally recognized organizations that inspire me to be a more thoughtful, altruistic, and compassionate person, it has occurred to me that while sisterhood can be found in families, GOTR teams, and sororities, it is not exclusive to any particular group at a time. Sisterhood can be practiced by any woman to any human being. 

Sisterhood is about showing love and care and concern for another person. It's about seeing the beauty in others' flaws. It's about—as GOTR’s core values state—embracing our differences and finding strength in our connectedness. It's about being a friend to all mankind. Because a sister is a friend and so much more. It's about uplifting, encouraging, and supporting another. You can be a supportive shoulder, a listening ear, a reassuring smile, or a cheerleader for anyone. You can stand up for someone and have their back. You can make someone feel special. Isn’t that what a sister is for?

Another GOTR core value is to recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making. In my experience as a sister, a sorority sister, and now a GOTR girl, I can tell you that small decisions made intentionally, such as showing sincerity and a genuine interest in and care for others, can unleash the powerful joy and love of sisterhood.

I have found sisterhood with my siblings, in Zeta, and at Girls on the Run. With my friends, as a college student within my campus, as a former Flight Attendant among airline personnel, and even with lone travelers in foreign countries. Sisterhood is everywhere. 

So to every woman reading this, I encourage you to be the best sister you can be.

Camille Grimsley


Camille is the Operations Coordinator at Girls on the Run International, where she is the first point of contact for all incoming visitors, calls, and emails, and providing administrative support to the entire team. An active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, when not giving back to the community, Camille enjoys shopping and traveling.

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