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Wellness Tip: Boost Their Day & Yours with Sidewalk Talk

By Pamela Young on 09/24/2014 | Wellness Tips

Did you know that doing good things for others is also good for your own health? Study after study shows that helping others has physiological health benefits. So here’s a “win-win” post-back-to-school wellness tip you can use to help you and the school-aged kids in your world. All you need is a sidewalk or paved walkway, some chalk and some goodwill.

Kids have been back in school for more than a few weeks now. Time enough for some of the excitement to have worn off, for potential stressors to be emerging and for schoolwork to be ramping up. In other words, it’s a perfect time for a pick-me-up message. Why not give them a boost of affirmation in a memorable way?

Write a positive message for your child or children along the path to the bus stop or on your driveway where they'll see it as they head to school.

Seeing it written out like that, right on their path, can generate a more lasting memory of the affirmation than if you simply say it.

The message doesn’t have to be elaborate. A simple “You’re awesome and we’re proud!” or “I believe in you and your abilities!” may be all it takes to launch their day or week on the right foot. And seeing it written out like that, right on their path, can generate a more lasting memory of the affirmation than if you simply say it (though it never hurts to say it too).

Of course, this activity doesn’t just apply to kids and school. What loved ones could use some positive reinforcement for work, a job interview or “just because”? Surprise them with some sidewalk affirmation!  

And that little lift you feel from taking the time to do something special like this? It’s not just improving your mood. It’s improving your health.

Ready to give it a try? Attach a picture of your sidewalk affirmation in the comments section at the end of this page (or if you’re viewing this on your mobile device, email pyoung@girlsontherun.org). Let’s circulate the positivity!

Pamela Young


Pamela Young has more than 20 years of experience in the communications and publishing field. She has directed the editorial of a leading technology magazine, led the publishing activities of several nonprofits and currently manages the communications efforts of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Charlotte. She was the editor of Remarkable at its inception and remains a staunch fan of GOTR and of empowering girls to find and shine their limitless potential!

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