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At Seven Years Old, This Girls is Already Helping All Girls Be Joyful, Healthy and Confident!

By Kenzie Kramer on 10/04/2017 | Remarkable! People

At Girls on the Run, we believe you’re never too young to make an impact! Emelie, a seven-year-old future GOTR girl in New Jersey, has already gotten a start on giving back to her community - hosting two lemonade stands raising over $700 to support Girls on the Run New Jersey East! This Wonder Girl was first introduced to Girls on the Run by her mom, Terri, who has been a volunteer coach for five seasons. When it came time for the Girls on the Run end-of-season 5K event a couple of years back, the New Jersey East team was looking for volunteers for a water station.

“My husband and I decided it would be great for him and the kids to volunteer so they could understand more about volunteering and about GOTR,” Terri says. “They were at mile one and my daughter jumped in and ran the last 2.1 miles with me!”

The following summer, Emelie was set on hosting a lemonade stand at their home. After much pestering, Terri agreed to let her have her lemonade stand, but under the condition that Emelie choose a cause where she could donate the money. 

“We talked all summer about privilege and about how some people do not have as many things as others.”

After seeing how much fun her friends’ sisters had participating in Girls on the Run and knowing that not all families could afford to participate, Emelie decided to donate the proceeds of her lemonade stand to GOTR. Emelie’s earnings supported Girls on the Run New Jersey East’s Every Girl Can Run initiative, which provides financial assistance for families who otherwise may not be able to participate in GOTR programs. Originally, Emelie had thought her fundraising would help girls outside of the United States.

“It opened up a dialogue between us that even here in New Jersey, there are girls who can't afford GOTR and that we need to understand the importance of helping others on a local level too.”

For this year’s fundraiser, Emelie recruited the help of a couple of her friends to make signs and her mom and GOTR New Jersey East helped get the word out on social media. At this year’s lemonade stand, she raised $368.01 to provide opportunities for more girls in her community to participate in Girls on the Run!

“It is our hope that we can do every little bit that we can to make GOTR a reality for someone who may not have the means to do so.”

Girls on the Run programs would not be possible without the help of generous supporters. Learn how you can join the Girls on the Run movement here.


Kenzie Kramer


Kenzie, a veteran GOTR coach, is excited to share content that connects readers to the GOTR vision and inspires them to bring the joyfulness of the core values into their lives. In her free time, she enjoys baking, biking and running with her dog. 

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