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SoleMate Katherine Is Millionth Finisher in NYC Marathon

11/03/2014 | Remarkable! People

Katherine Slingluff, a Park Slope, Brooklyn, resident and mom of two, knew after watching last year's New York City marathon that she had to do it this year. Luckily for the girls in Girls on the Run NYC, she chose to join that council’s SoleMates team to raise money while making it happen!

Her first marathon in ten years, Katherine pushed through gusting winds—her husband, children and friends supporting her along the course. She crossed the finish line as the one-millionth finisher in the marathon’s 44-year history. She’s now guaranteed entry to the marathon for life!

With charity running becoming such an integral part of the running scene, Girls on the Run SoleMates ask friends and colleagues to support their training and participation by donating to the Girls on the Run council in their community. Katherine has raised close to $4000 to help more girls in NYC get the chance to participate in Girls on the Run!

You can read more about Katherine’s one millionth finish in Runner's World and The New Yorker. You can also support her SoleMates campaign this year. And with her guaranteed entry for life thanks to her significant finish, you can support her and Girls on the Run NYC for years to come!


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