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Giving with Girls at Heart

11/30/2014 | GOTR Picks

We’re in the thick of holiday shopping season. Shoppers are rushing around trying to snap up items they hope friends and family will like. The media is trumpeting the message to shop here, save there, act now!

At Girls on the Run, we invite you to take a deep breath, step out of the frenzy and frame your holiday giving around the essence of thanks we just celebrated. A giving spirit is a blessing, and a heartfelt gift can be as simple as a kind gesture or a charitable gift in someone’s name.

Whatever your giving traditions, we are glad that you’ve given our blog some of your time and attention this year.

And if you have a gift list you’re trying to fill, we hope our Holiday Gift Guide can help. It's teeming with Girls on the Run spirit and budget-friendly gifts that also support our mission of empowering girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

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