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Holiday Greetings from Girls on the Run

12/24/2014 | General

This time of the year holds holidays for many cultures and faiths. Whatever your traditions this season, we wish you and your loved ones joy, health and confidence!

As a holiday token of appreciation for your support of Girls on the Run and readership of Remarkable!, here are thoughts from some of our girls that we hope will make you smile:

"I have made new friends. And I am a better friend because of everything I have learned at Girls on the Run."

"My favorite part was the finish line at the 5k. Everybody is just cheering you on, and it is awesome. People that don't even know you are cheering you on. When I hear all of these people cheering me on, I just go faster and feel better. Everyone is proud of themselves and happy, and it was the best moment of my life!"

 “Knowing that I had the ability to make friends at our meetings and that I was considered funny and unique—not just a shadow in the hallways—makes me want to give things my all.”

“I am super proud of myself because I started out small. This shows that if I start small, I can dream big and achieve it! Confidence level: 100 max!”

“Once upon a time there was a girl who ran a 5k. And she is very proud of herself.”

Happy holidays from Girls on the Run!

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