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Posts tagged with "GOTR Alumnae"

Girls on the Run Didn't Make My Daughter Love Running, but It Did Shape Her Soul

By Jennifer Borch 01/03/2017 | General

When I signed up to coach Girls on the Run nine years ago, I fantasized about the running bond I would develop with my daughter. My back-of-the-pack rebel walker would have none of it. Girls on the Run may not have sold my daughter on running, but it shaped her soul.

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Lessons That Last a Lifetime

By Cammy Nelson 01/03/2017 | General

It’s easy to become an adult and forget the lessons learned in GOTR. It’s safe to lean into fear and step back when I’m nervous or when I start to doubt my own abilities.  Then I remind myself that it’s all about baby steps.

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Help Your Girl Get the Most Out of Her Girls on the Run Experience

By Caroline Holbrook 04/05/2016 | General

Supporting your GOTR girl while sharing and encouraging some of the strategies listed below can help make sure her experience is a memorable one. 

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Girls on the Run Changed My Perspective on Life

By Anna S. 02/28/2016 | General

No one is alone in the battle that is life. No one, I promise you. But I must admit that I didn’t fully understand that my whole life. I was quiet and sometimes lonely. I wasn’t alone, but I didn’t realize it. Not until I joined Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run changed my perspective on life.

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Thankful for My Running Shoes

By Caroline Holbrook 01/17/2016 | General

Girls on the Run didn’t just give me a twelve week program, a cool t-shirt, or a couple new friends; it gave me a new outlook on taking care of myself, and what that means mentally and physically.

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One in a Million: Kennedy Vaughan

By Suzanna McCloskey 07/12/2015 | Featured Columns & Series

The earliest version of the Girls on the Run curriculum was piloted in 1996 with the help of thirteen brave girls, including Kennedy Vaughan. Little did she know what a pivotal role she was playing in the program that has now served more than 1 million girls!

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One in a Million!

By Pamela Young 02/14/2015 | Announcements

At Girls on the Run, we envision a world where all girls know their limitless potential. And more than that, we are working to make that vision a reality. That is why we’re so excited to share that Girls on the Run will serve our one-millionth girl this year! We invite you to celebrate with us! Here's how. 

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