20 Kind Compliments That Don’t Involve Looks

How do you inspire, motivate or show a little extra love to the people in your life? Sharing kind compliments that come from the heart is a sure-fire way to express admiration, while igniting confidence in another person. It is vital, however, to be intentional about what we place value on and highlight, as these words can have a long-term impact.

Defaulting to “you look so nice!” or “what a cute outfit!” is a commonplace practice when it comes to greeting or engaging with family or friends. While it’s certainly not negative to compliment a new haircut or pair of sneakers, these compliments place priority on appearance over much more important qualities and attributes.  Some people also feel uncomfortable or objectified during these instances. With the high (and frankly, unrealistic) pressures of social media and popular culture, it is critical for girls to know that their external looks do not define them or their worth.

Inside every person is a uniqueness, talent and passion that is worth celebrating. It’s easy to say, “You look great!” but how much more meaningful is, “Your compassion inspired me to keep going”?! The latter compliment is twice as powerful and places priority on what really matters. Check our list of 20 kind compliments that don’t involve looks!

“You are a ray of sunshine!”

“You are always so much fun to be around.”

“Whenever I’m feeling down, you lift my spirits.”
“You are such a great listener.”
“Hearing your laugh makes me happy.”
“Your creativity inspires me to think outside the box.”

“I appreciate how you always teach me something new.” 
“The way you speak to people with kindness is heartwarming.”
“I look up to you.”
“Your passion for [fill in the blank] is infectious!”
“I love your willingness to learn and explore new ideas.”
“You make me feel seen, understood and that I belong.”
“You are the BEST hype-woman/person!”
I love your energy!” 
“You always know how to brighten my day and make me laugh.”
“You make everyone feel welcome and wonderful around you.”
“I admire how you see the good in everyone.”
“Your strength is motivational!”
“Spending time with you is really fun!”
“I couldn’t have done this without your help. Thank you!”