At Girls on the Run, we believe that all girls and communities should have access to our programs. We strive to eliminate barriers to participation, to continue creating programming that engages all communities, to be intentional about staff and volunteer diversity and to promote a culture of inclusion across the organization.

At the core of our culture, is our people philosophy:

  • We embrace a growth mindset; that is, all employees are committed to achieving more through continual learning and personal effort in a high expectation culture.
  • We are intentional about attracting and retaining a diverse group of talented people to achieve our mission.
  • We strive to create and foster an environment where employees can do their best work and contribute to the attainment of organizational objectives.
  • We live our values and consider how we work as important as what we accomplish.
  • We are committed to employee growth and development as employee driven + manager supported; employees own their growth and managers honestly assess the alignment of employees’ personal goals with the organization’s objectives.

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