25 Compliments to Give Other than Good Job

We teach girls that what they say and how they say it matters, no matter their age. When kids reach an accomplishment, go beyond just “good job” so they know their actions are powerful and important.

Good Job and 25 New Ways to Compliment Your Girl. This image lists the 25 ways that are listed in the blog.

Let’s turn “good job” into…

  1. You outdid yourself today
  2. Keep it up
  3. You went above and beyond
  4. Fantastic
  5. You’re really working hard today
  6. Wow!
  7. You crushed it
  8. Very impressive
  9. You’re doing great
  10. You should feel good about your accomplishment
  11. I’m proud of you
  12. Beautiful
  13. You’re a rock star
  14. You’re really improving
  15. Way to go
  16. You made a difference
  17. That was very thoughtful
  18. You’ve got the hang of it
  19. Look at you go
  20. Outstanding work
  21. Your hard work is paying off
  22. Nicely done
  23. Remarkable
  24. You did it
  25. You’re learning a lot

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