4 MORE Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Grab your BFFs and press pause on the romantic ballads because it’s time for Galentine’s Day! Whether you are celebrating with your mom and sister or gathering with a group of your closest pals, Galentine’s Day is the perfect time to show a little extra appreciation for the women in your life. Is one day not enough to celebrate the spirit of Galentine’s? No problem! All of the activities listed below can be done in a long afternoon or broken up into several different days (bonus points for sleepovers). There’s no wrong way to celebrate! As long as you are together and honoring the beauty of friendship, you are getting an A+ in our books! Celebrate Galentine’s Day with these 4 new activities!

Have a book exchange

For groups of gals, this is a great way to get to know your friends even better! In your Galentine’s Day invite, inform each girl to bring a book to trade with someone else at the party. During the exchange, girls can discuss their favorite parts of the novels and why they think their gals should dive in and get reading! Want to take this activity a step further? Create Galentine’s-themed bookmarks for one another or use this time to jumpstart a new book club!

Create a chocolate charcuterie board

Hot chocolate bombs, fondue with fruit, mini cupcakes – the options here are as robust as they are sweet! By having different options to choose from, girls can show their individuality and find something that speaks their dessert language. Putting together a chocolate charcuterie board is an awesome way to get a little bit of everything and create a fun design! Be mindful to check for food allergies in advance and have sugar-free and/or peanut-free versions available! If girls do not have an affinity for chocolate/candy, present an alternative that is perhaps centered on salty snacks or fruits! We certainly do not recommend going overboard on sugary treats regularly, but for a special treat on Galentine’s Day, we say go for it and have fun!

Get crafty

Ignite creativity this Galentine’s Day by dabbling in a mix of craft activities. For families with printers, scrapbooking is an incredible way to reconnect with joyful memories of the past, while making a project they can keep forever. We love wearable art, so making friendship bracelets is another awesome activity for Galentine’s Day. Are you more inclined to create something that you hang on the fridge or bedroom mirror rather than wear on your wrist? Try out inexpensive watercolor kits and craft customized Galentine’s Day messages. On that same note, we love the idea of combining a little bit of all the activities by decorating blank picture frames (waiting to be filled with photos of your BFF) using sparkles, paint, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and collage materials! Find even more ideas here!

Host a ‘my favorite things’ exchange

With this activity, there’s no need to go overboard spending, we promise! A ‘my favorite things’ exchange is similar to a ‘secret Santa exchange, except it features small gifts or treasures that you consider your must-haves! Keep the price points to a minimum and encourage girls to pick items that spark joy and spread love. Examples could include a favorite novel, album, baked good, drawing, self-care item (face mask, nail polish, hand cream), playlist, art print, framed photo, or flower/plant! The more personal your gift is to you, the more meaningful it will be for others. Again, big price tags are not the name of the game here – it’s all about the little things in life that make you smile.


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