Today is the day that you can make sure one more girl discovers and activates the limitless potential she has within her. Today is the day that you can help a girl learn to be the leader of her life, with skills that will help her navigate her world with confidence and joy.

And it’s almost your last chance to do it this year.

The girls in our program learn that they are surrounded by opportunities to be remarkable! Today, we invite you to embrace the opportunity to wrap up the year on an empowering note by making a year-end gift to Girls on the Run International.

Girls on the Run changes lives.

How do we know? We see it happen every season. Girls unleash their limitless potential and learn to celebrate themselves and each other. Their joy, health and confidence grow.

You can change lives, too.

This blog is about sharing stories that help fuel your limitless potential. Today, we invite you to help us fuel the limitless potential of the girls our organization serves. Please click here to make a year-end gift to Girls on the Run International.

Your gift matched!

Plus, when you make a gift, your donation will be DOUBLED by a kind group of donors — up to $75,000!

Thank you for believing in our mission of inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident.

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