Amy’s Blend is Back and Changing Lives With Every Bag

“It started with a bean and ended with a movement.”  

Amy’s Blend is back! For over 20 years, Caribou Coffee has proudly celebrated the company’s first Roastmaster, Amy Erickson, through its ‘Amy’s Blend’ campaign. Amy’s Blend is a specially curated blend paying tribute to Amy, who left behind a legacy of leadership after her battle with breast cancer in 1995. With the Amy’s Blend campaign, Caribou Coffee creates a custom blend (made with all of Amy’s favorite notes – hello, chocolate!) and donates 10% of all the product’s proceeds to a nonprofit organization.

This year, Caribou has again selected Girls on the Run as this recipient, and we could not be more grateful or excited about the opportunity.

The connection between Amy’s legacy and the Girls on the Run core values is incredible. Amy was the perfect embodiment of the Girls on the Run mission. Unafraid to think outside of the box, follow her heart and treat all people equally with respect, Amy used her confidence and “star power” to make her dream a reality. Through her creativity, drive and compassion, Amy set a standard that Caribou still follows today. We are in awe of her commitment to sustainability, love for her team and ability to never lose sight of her goals. Thank you, Amy, for paving the way for future female Roastmasters across the globe! 

See how Amy embodied each of the Girls on the Run core values below. 

GOTR Core Value 1: Recognize our power and responsibility to be intentional in our decision making 

Aware of her role as a leader, Amy’s thoughtful nature and open mind blazed a trail for women across all industries. The brave manner in which she pursued her dream and stuck to her morals, serves as a perfect blueprint for anyone looking to follow their life’s passion. Amy’s masterful skillset, as well as joyful personality, often lead to decisions that empowered others, created pathways and sparked happiness. Her impact still shines today. 

GOTR Core Value 2: Embrace our differences and find strength in our connectedness 

Firstly, Amy was unafraid to step outside of her comfort zone to explore uncharted territory and break new ground. If there was a “Coffee Changemaker Award” she would definitely have won the gold. Secondly, just as we encourage our Girls on the Run participants to ‘embrace our differences,’ Amy boldly took up space with her bright ideas and unique thinking. Finally, she consistently created products that were innovative, inclusive and unforgettable. And through this creation, she offered people feelings of connection and community. 

GOTR Core Value 3: Express joy, optimism and gratitude through our words, thoughts and actions 

We all know that one great cup of coffee can inject your day with magic. And similar to that spark-igniting cup, a glowing smile and joyful spirit can make any day go from gray clouds to sunshine. Amy was that sunshine. Ultimately, her compassionate nature inspired an entire movement at Caribou. Her influence is one that still impacts the way the company operates, engages with guests and works as a team.

GOTR Core Value 4: Nurture our physical, emotional and spiritual health 

Throughout her career, Amy was committed to supporting every aspect of her teammates’ lives – which included their physical, emotional and spiritual health. She recognized that the body-mind connection was extremely important to overall wellness. As a result, Amy was dedicated to ensuring that her Caribou crew always received the care, rest and resources they needed to be their best. Now that’s leadership at its finest! 

GOTR Core Value 4: Lead with an open heart and assume positive intent 

The ability to lead with grace is a masterful skill set. Above all, Amy’s inherent kindness, collaborative spirit and commitment to developing high-quality, ethically sourced products allowed her to make a difference without losing sight of what really matters. Furthermore, she never led with ego, but with the mindset that she was on a mission to empower her team. Amy knew that as a team they could create something beautiful. 

GOTR Core Value 5: Stand up for ourselves and others 

Early in her role as a Roastmaster, Amy established that she wanted to be as hands-on and educated as possible on the subject. This meant visiting farmers, testing products, travelling around the globe and doing a wide range of other research projects. And throughout it all, she never lost sight of the many different people who were involved. Finally, every farmer, barista, staff member, guest – Amy spoke up for them when it mattered, which is why her legacy of empowerment, love and light still lives on today. 

 Bags of colorful ground coffee in a coffee shop

Celebrate Amy’s amazing story while supporting future leaders at Girls on the Run. Buy a bag of Amy’s Blend and make a difference today. Click here!