Challenge Yourself to a Month of Kindness

At Girls on the Run, we believe kindness is one of those things you should toss around like confetti. When we leave a little sparkle wherever we go, we empower others to pay honorable deeds forward. Just imagine the impact that type of goodness could have on the world.

Feeling inspired to spread the joy of kindness? We’ve compiled 31 kindness challenges for you to complete. Whether you finish just one or attempt them all, any act of kindness is sure to leave a positive impression on the person who receives it.

Instructions: Print out this list of challenges and cut into individual strips. Fold each strip in half, then place the folded strips in a jar of your choice. Pull one strip from the jar daily. Complete the identified act of kindness and celebrate your contribution to making the world a much better place!

31 Ways to Be Kind:

1. Give a compliment to everyone you see today.

2. Complete a thoughtful chore/task to help someone out.

3. Eat lunch with someone new.

4. Bring a shareable treat to the office or a family member’s house.

5. Pay for a stranger’s coffee.

6. Hold the door for someone.

7. Leave an inspirational note in a public place for someone to find.

8. Leave a generous tip.

9. Donate to a charity on behalf of someone else.

10. Offer to help someone with his/her groceries.

11. Send a handwritten letter in the mail to a loved one or a service member.

12. Take flowers to someone who needs encouragement.

13. Create a “Things I admire about you” jar and fill it with 10 things you admire about someone. Instruct the recipient to pull one out daily as needed.

14. Make and distribute care packages to people in need.

15. Write a “Thank You” note to someone whose efforts or work you appreciate. This could be someone you know personally or someone in the greater community.

16. Call someone instead of sending a text.

17. Donate food to a local food drive/pantry.

18. Ask someone to go for a walk and check in with them about life.

19. Say something kind about someone when you overhear others gossiping.

20. Make someone a personal playlist of their favorite songs or a clothesline photo display of their favorite memories.

21. Cook a meal for someone or pay for their lunch.

22. Give someone a hug.

23. Pass along a helpful book or encouraging message.

24. Donate food or supplies to a local animal shelter.

25. Offer to run/walk a final lap with someone during a workout or Girls on the Run practice.

26. Plant a tree/flower or contribute to a community garden.

27. Call someone you love and tell them that you love them.

28. Donate clothing or blankets to a local homeless shelter.

29. Donate to a charity or cause you believe in.

30. Smile at someone today.

31. Let someone do something kind for you or receive a compliment without resisting.

Our National Partner, Thirty-One Gifts, has spread kindness throughout Girls on the Run by donating bags to participants and coaches across the country. Learn how Thirty-One Gifts supports the mission of kindness through their charity program, Thirty-One Gives, which works to “empower girls, women and families by helping them build the confidence and self-esteem needed to live a purposeful, thriving life.”

Learn more about our National Partners and how they support our mission of helping girls unleash their limitless potential and boldly pursue their dreams. To sign your girl up for one of our life-changing programs, connect with your local council today.

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