Learn How Hello, Superstar! Lessons Last a Lifetime

Something that parents and caregivers love about Girls on the Run is that we intentionally teach essential life skills like managing emotions, reframing negative self-talk, and making intentional decisions. Participants use the tools learned during practice and continue to apply them at home, in school, and in other areas of their lives long after the GOTR season ends. In fact, research shows this transfer of learning can be transformational for our participants 

With Hello, Superstar! (and our whole new set of curricula), girls will continue to receive a journal to use at each lesson and keep at the end of the season. We will also provide information to caregivers to help them use GOTR tools at home to deepen the conversations started as a team. 

In past versions of the curriculum, participants were given a take-home goal so they could apply what they learned during practice at home and at school. In Hello, Superstar!, we took this one step further and created a GOTR Goals tracker to help make our lessons stick! This addition helps keep their goals top of mind and reinforces to both participants and families that the lessons learned throughout the season stay with them for life. 

In addition to the GOTR Goals tracker, all three versions in the new curriculum suite have what we call a Future Me activity to help every girl’s GOTR lessons last a lifetime.  

In the Hello, Superstar! season, girls candidly jot down the many discoveries, memories, and lessons they experienced during the season in a Dear Future Me Letter, including:  

  • Their favorite memory of GOTR 
  • What they love about themselves 
  • How they activate their Star Power 
  • What they say to themselves when the clouds roll in 

Girls can refer to this later in their lives and reflect on joyful GOTR memories. The letter and lessons are there for them when they make a new friend or finish a significant project.  And it’s there when like when they didn’t ace a test, get chosen for a team, or land the job. We want girls to use tools like Dear Future Me from GOTR to build and maintain their confidence to be themselves today, tomorrow, and long into adulthood.  

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