Movement Gratitude

When we’re out of our normal routine, it can be tough to stay active. Keeping our bodies moving is an important part of staying healthy and feeling our best. Studies show that exercising or moving our bodies can help us lower stress, feel more relaxed and connect with the people with whom we’re moving! While the world around us may feel shaky, moving our bodies consistently can help us feel grounded now and in the future.

If you’re navigating disruptions in your family routine and are looking for ways to be active as a family, read on for suggestions and tips that will help you get – and stay – moving!

1. Brainstorm ways you like to move

Sometimes, one of the toughest parts of getting moving is figuring out what you enjoy. When you have a few minutes as a family, like after dinner or during an evening quiet time, pull out a sheet of paper and start brainstorming active pursuits that you enjoy doing as a family. Don’t be limited by what might be considered traditional exercise – think about gardening or doing yard work, riding your bike around the block or dancing to your favorite tunes.

2. Put it on the schedule

Once you’ve figured out what you enjoy doing, make a point to put it on the schedule. It’s much easier to forget about your plan to walk more if you don’t specify when and where you plan to walk. Lay out your day and look for opportunities to incorporate movement and then write it into your daily plan!

3. Let your kids take the lead

Kids are often full of energy and always ready to play. If you’re a fan of less structured movement, consider heading outside and letting your kids take the lead. Join them for a game of tag, let them be the leader in a round of active Simon Says or immerse yourself in whatever imaginary game they create!

4. Buddy up

While it’s always fun to get the whole family moving together, it can be a challenge to align everyone’s interests and schedules. Don’t let your active plans slip away just because one or two family members aren’t interested or able to participate. Instead, grab who you can and get moving!

5. Try something new

There’s nothing better than trying something new and discovering you love it! While you can always turn to your tried-and-true activities, make it a point to try something new every now and then. Now, more than ever, you can find all sorts of movement tutorials on the internet, so why not give yoga or Zumba a try?

Getting moving as a family has both short- and long-term benefits. While it can be a challenge to make sure the whole family is engaged, it’s well worth it! Enjoy moving your bodies together, families!

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