Positivity Scavenger Hunt

When life isn’t going according to plan or unexpected events have us missing out on fun things to do, it can be hard to find the bright side of the situation. However, looking for the good is a powerful way to flip the script in our brain and help us feel more positive about life. When circumstances are tough and unpredictable (like they are right now), we all have the opportunity to practice positivity, which will help us feel better in the moment and develop the skills we need to face any tough times in the future.

If you’re on the hunt for activities that will help you and your girl practice positivity, look no further. The at-home scavenger hunt below will help you both identify things in your life that bring you joy and comfort, even during tough times.

How to play:

  • Print out one copy for each participant.
  • Let each participant fill in the blanks with items that fit the description.
  • Once all participants have completed their scavenger hunt, come together to discuss the things you each identified.
  • Ask:
    • Of all the things on this list, for which are you most grateful?
    • How can we remember to be grateful for the things that bring us comfort and joy every day?

Positivity Scavenger Hunt:

  1. Something that tastes good: __________________________
  2. Something that keeps me warm when I’m feeling cold: __________________________
  3. Something I like looking at through the window: __________________________
  4. Something that makes me laugh: __________________________
  5. Something that makes a beautiful sound: __________________________
  6. Something that reminds me of someone I love: __________________________
  7. The place I feel the most comfortable or cozy: __________________________
  8. Something that smells good: __________________________
  9. Something that makes me feel proud: __________________________
  10. Something that reminds me of a happy time: __________________________
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