Six Ways to Take Care of Yourself and Your Girl Post-Election

In the aftermath of the election, your girl might be experiencing a lot of complex emotions and asking tough questions. Though these conversations can be challenging, they’re also a great opportunity to connect with your girl on a deeper level and create an open dialogue about your family’s values. However, in order to nurture your girl’s physical and emotional health during this divisive time, you must first take care of yourself.

Check out these six tips for taking care of yourself and your girl after the election!

Set media boundaries

Right now, there are conflicting opinions and viewpoints swirling around on television and social media. Despite the fact that staying informed is essential, be aware of how much media you and your girl are consuming. If you are feeling burned out, implement a rule that your family will only have the news on T.V. for a certain amount of time per day, and social media is limited to specific hours. Instead, use this time to read a book or play a game together. This bonding time will reduce media-related stress and bring you and your girl closer together.

Embrace and validate your feelings

Even though you and your girl might be overwhelmed, your feelings are still valid. By acknowledging and embracing your own emotions, you are teaching your girl the importance of emotional strength and self-awareness. Discussing your thoughts and feelings with each other creates a safe space for your girl to express herself. The greatest way to encourage this behavior is by practicing it yourself!

Check in with loved ones

Set up a video call with family or friends to see how they are doing. Note that this conversation doesn’t need to be about politics; if anything, it’s better to stay focused on how everyone is feeling or if they need support. Having a lighthearted chat will take stress off of you, your girl and your loved ones.

Practice self-care

There’s always a good excuse for a relaxation day! Self-care can mean a lot of different things — you and your girl can bake something tasty, enjoy a bubble bath or watch the football game together. No matter what your favorite form of self-care is, this is one of the best ways you can disconnect from election-related worries and spend quality time with your family.

Get moving

Exercise has long been proven to reduce stress and have therapeutic effects on the body. Go for a walk, take a bike ride, play catch at the park — the possibilities are endless. Once you get home, whip up a healthy snack and talk about what a fun time you had!

Make a difference

Regardless of the election results, we can all raise our voices to create positive changes in our communities far beyond Election Day. When you get involved with Girls on the Run, you have the power to be a role model for the next generation of women and show girls that their potential is limitless. Interested in supporting us by giving or fundraising? Click here to learn more!

To register your girl for an upcoming program season, connect with your local council today. For more meaningful tips on communicating with your girl, visit our Parent Resources page.

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