Stand Up for Ourselves and Others

With schools across the country on an indefinite hiatus, many grown-ups are finding themselves suddenly in charge of their child’s education. If you’re on the hunt for a project your girl can complete at home that will help her develop her academic skills and her confidence in herself, look no further! Check out the project below and encourage your girl to get creative!

The Project

History is full of women who have made a difference in the world by standing up for themselves or others. Today, you’ll have the chance to learn about one of them and create a project that shares their story. For this project, you’ll need to think of a woman who has stood up for herself or others and find a way to learn more about her. The woman can be someone from history or from current times. She can be famous or someone you know in your own life! To find out more about her, you can do research on the internet, ask the grown-ups in your life what they know about her or read any books that you have at home.


When doing your research, you’ll need to answer four key questions:

  • Who are you studying for your project?
  • How did she stand up for herself or others?
  • What was the impact of her actions?
  • What do you think helped her stand up for herself or others?


Once you’ve done your research, you can choose to present your information in whichever way you feel most excited about. You can:

  • Make a poster to share who you chose and what you learned
  • Write a report about the women you chose and what you learned
  • Draw a portrait of your woman and give an oral report on what you learned
  • Create an electronic presentation to share the woman you chose and what you learned about her
  • Get creative and present the information in another way that makes sense to you!

Depending on your girl’s age and academic level, encourage her to dig deep and go into as much detail as she’s able.


When she’s all done with her project, give your girl a platform to share what she’s learned and created. In addition to presenting to you or other family members, consider snapping a picture to send to her teacher or letting her video chat with a relative or friend to share her work.


After your girl shares her work with you, consider asking her the following questions to help her think deeply about what it means to stand up for yourself or others:

  • Do you think that you would have responded in the same way as the person you did your project on if you were in the same situation? Why or why not?
  • What thoughts do you think were going through her head as she made the choice to stand up for herself or others?
  • Can you think of a time when you’ve stood up for yourself or others?

Learning about women who have chosen to stand up for themselves or others is an important way for girls to develop the confidence they’ll need to do the same! Enjoy these projects, families!

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