Get Involved in Your Community: Coach for Girls on the Run

Close your eyes and imagine that you are 10 years old again. What messages did you receive and internalize? What did you tell yourself and truly believe deep down? What did you aspire to be? What did you imagine your adult life would look and feel like?

Now, fast-forward to 2021. Have you given up on those dreams and goals you once had? Why? Take a moment to reflect on what messages you heard and told yourself, repeatedly, that led you down another path.

For decades, women have struggled to break the glass ceiling. While we still have a way to go in America, the strides that so many strong and amazing women have made over the years is changing the dialogue and perception of female power and influence. As a result, girls are beginning to grow up in world where they are being surrounded by messages of empowerment, limitless potential and leadership.

As a Girls on the Run coach, I have noticed a trend starting to emerge. Girls are verbally expressing their understanding of these principles and questioning why many adult women are not taking their own advice. Conversely, Girls on the Run coaches, parents, guardians and adult volunteers often voice that they would have greatly benefited from a program like Girls on the Run when they were younger.

So, what does this mean? We have so much to learn from younger generations of girls. In fact, I’d say they inspire us!

What better way to give back to your community and have meaningful interactions with girls than to sign up and be a Girls on the Run (grades 3-5) or Heart & Sole (grades 6-8) coach? It is truly a life-changing experience! I am constantly observing and intently listening to each girl on my team, as they discuss lessons with their teammates and answer group questions. I am often blown away by their mindset, thought process and creativity.

By participating in this volunteering opportunity, it will provide you and our girls with a space to focus on personal growth, relationship building and community impact. By delivering our research-based curriculum and interacting with girls, you will find yourself acquiring these same strategies and social-emotional skills. Together, we are raising our quality of life and the lives of others. We need each other.

Do you long for a new path? Do you still have dreams of starting your own business, running a half marathon, traveling to a different country or buying a new home?

Each day is new gift. Be kind to yourself. Believe in yourself. Begin again! It is never too late to activate YOUR limitless potential and boldly pursue YOUR dreams!

Want to get involved with Girls on the Run? Connect with your local council today to learn about the programming options in your community!

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