3 Team Unity Items Your Girls on the Run Team Will Love

Throughout the 10-week Girls on the Run program, girls develop a stronger sense of self, learn to show care toward others and give back to their communities, all while working toward their goal of completing a 5K! To celebrate the connections made with teammates, many Girls on the Run teams wear a special unity item to their 5K event. Get your girls excited for their upcoming 5K event with these three DIY team unity items:

Signed Socks

At your team’s last practice before the 5K event, bring a pair of tall socks for each girl along with an assortment of colorful markers. Each girl can write their name and an encouraging message on her teammates’ socks.

Ribbon Hair Ties

Let each girl create a hair tie that is just as unique as she is! Provide girls with a plain hair tie and an assortment of colorful and patterned ribbon strands. Instruct girls to tie the ribbon strands around the plain hair tie. Have the girls proudly wear their GOTR-ized hair tie on 5K day.

Girl wearing hair tie with ribbons

DIY Capes

We love how superhero capes help girls feel joyful and confident. Make your own for 5K day with this easy no-sew tutorial. Each girl can decorate her cape using markers or puff paint.

Girls wearing no-sew superhero capes

Do you have a team unity item that your GOTR girls have loved? Share it with us on Instagram or Twitter using #GirlsontheRun!


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