Who Has Star Power? You Do!

One of my most treasured Girls on the Run lessons to coach is the Star Power lesson. During each season, the Star Power lesson inspires the girls to practice using visualization to positively impact their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. The lesson also teaches strategies to activate and enhance our Star Power, plus how we can help others activate theirs.

At the start of the lesson, we practice strategies and encourage each other by activating our Star Power together. What is Star Power? The positive force that we all have inside of us — the power to shine!

When the girls activate their Star Power, they make the decision to focus on the affirmatives that will brighten and improve their lives. One of methods we use to model this encouraging action is to turn negative self-talk (e.g., I’m not strong), which can diminish your star’s brightness, into positive self-talk (e.g., I’m strong because I didn’t give up). The girls understand there will be times when a cloud can come and cover their Star Power. They learn their friends, family and teachers can also help them during these times as well. Throughout the lesson, we engage in these fun, interactive activities focused on improving ourselves and our relationships with others and using positivity to shine our bright light.

A few seasons ago, I witnessed a remarkable Star Power transformation with a 4th grader named Maria. Maria had been struggling socially. At the beginning of the season, it was typical for Maria to shut down and talk negatively about herself. Through the course of the season together at Girls on the Run, she slowly started opening up with us more. I noticed small, positive changes in Maria’s demeanor and her interactions. In time, Maria had encouraging comments about herself and her teammates. She was able to turn her cloudy days into bright ones moving forward. Maria enthusiastically told me, “I learned to really like myself because of Girls on the Run!”

As a Girls on the Run coach, I’ve seen the curriculum help equip girls like Maria and so many others with tangible tools and techniques for continuous self-improvement. The girls understand they have greatness inside them, so they can thrive no matter what the situation comes their way!

You can help girls activate their Star Power as a volunteer with Girls on the Run. Connect with your local council to learn how you can get involved today!

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