Frequently Asked Questions:

Check out these council FAQs to help get a quick answer! Easily organized by question and answer, let this list be a go-to resource to get what you need fast.

What are the options to host the event and how does each work?

Councils can serve as an event host in one of two ways: 

1. Invite council and personal contacts to register as guests for the event through HQ’s event registration, using the provided social media tiles and email invitation template. These guests will select your council from the drop-down list of event hosts during the registration process. HQ will provide your council with a list of your registered guests prior to and after the event. Your council will receive 88% of all donations made by these guests, following the standard HQ website donation process. This option is best for councils that would like to easily raise funds and are not planning on hosting an in-person watch party.

Register as an event host by emailing

2. Councils planning to host a watch party or other hybrid event (in-person event where the virtual event is streamed live, with guests attending in-person and virtually) can invite and register their guests using the Pinwheel Dream it. Do it. Be it. Event Template. Councils choosing this option will be responsible for all guest and donor communications leading up to and after the event. During the event, councils can encourage guests to make donations directly to the council, using a link to a local fundraiser.

Councils hosting a local fundraising event have flexibility to raise funds through local sponsorships, ticket sales, auctions, fund-a-mission asks, and other revenue generating activities. Councils selecting this option can customize the event template in Pinwheel and will not have their guests register through the HQ event registration.  

HQ will pull a list of all registered guests from Pinwheel to send 1 pre-event communication (event agenda with link to access the event) and 1 post-event communication (thank you for attending, link to purchase event merchandise if still available). HQ will not add these registered guests to its database for future communications, unless they indicate they would like to receive communications from HQ.   

Register as an event host by emailing HQ will provide a link to sign up for the event Pinwheel template and will add the template to your council’s Pinwheel account within 5 business days.  

Watch Party invitation templates and marketing materials will be available in early February.  


Why would guests want to attend?

The Dream it. Be it. Do it. event is the ideal union of inspiration and reflection – an evening where Girls on the Run will demonstrate its evidence-based impact while also aligning itself with incredible thought leaders and role models. Council supporters, families and all audience members will get a clearer glimpse into the steadfast connection between GOTRI and local councils and that, together, we are changing lives from coast to coast. Guests will learn more about who we are, why our work matters and how now, more than ever, girls deserve to dream big, act fearlessly and walk into the future with their heads held high.   

What audiences should I reach out to?

This year’s event is filled to the brim with inspiring words and stories from a variety of speakers, so there are messages of hope and resilience for GOTR supporters of all ages, backgrounds, genders, races, genders and communities. We recommend reaching out to the following audiences to help spread the word: 

  • Parents and families of GOTR girls 
  • Local community donors and supporters (existing and prospective) 
  • GOTR coaches and volunteers 
  • Other local nonprofit organizations with similar causes 
  • Prospective GOTR parents and families 
How can I message this to my donors?

We have you covered! When your council registers as an Event Host, HQ will provide you with an invitation template that can be customized by your council.

How does my council benefit from promoting an event for HQ?

The Dream it. Be it. Do it event is designed to benefit all councils. Collective success creates opportunities for everyone. By increasing awareness of the GOTR movement, every council has the ability to reach new audiences and strengthen our reputation with existing supporters. Those who currently donate their time, talent and treasure to your council will see the strength of our partnership and united commitment to reaching girls from all communities.  

Through the collaboration between GOTRI and councils across the U.S. and Canada, audiences will witness just how deep the Girls on the Run mission runs and how substantial its impact has been to families since 1996. When a movement has been proven to evoke change, people are inclined to open their minds and make the decision to get involved. The Dream it. Be it. Do it. Event opens the door to this opportunity for audiences. Between hearing from incredible leaders, to learning first-hand success stories from girls, audience members will discover the validity of Girls on the Run and how crucial our mission is in 2022. Sparking financial donations, boosted brand awareness and new, lifelong advocates of the Girls on the Run vision, this event is tailored to creating new support systems for every council.  

Can the funds donated by my guests be allocated to my council?

When a council serves as an Event Host and has guests register through HQ’s registration page, HQ will pass 88% of funds donated by these guests to councils, following the same process as website donationsCouncils can also elect to leverage this event as a local fundraising opportunity.  

Who else is being asked to serve as Event Hosts?

A variety of Event Hosts leads to increased success for allIn addition to councils, there are several other GOTR supporters in which we will be reaching out to serve as Event Hosts. Among those include: current and prior members of the GOTRI Board of Directors, vendors, National Partners, select donors, GOTR Charlotte contacts and HQ staff members. Additionally, guests may opt to become event hosts during the registration process.  

Will my guests be required to donate?

Guests of the Dream it. Do it. Be it. event are not required to make a donation. Throughout the uplifting event, we hope guests are positively inspired to make an investment in our mission and will be encouraged to do so pre-, during, and post-event.  

Councils may leverage the event as a local fundraiser and have flexibility to raise funds through local sponsorships, ticket sales, auctions, fund-a-mission asks, and other revenue generating activities. Councils selecting this option can customize the event template in Pinwheel and will not have their guests register through the HQ event registration.