An IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Commission was established in September 2020 to develop strategic imperatives to guide our work.
These strategic imperatives communicate our collective organizational intent and are a framework for everyone within the Girls on the Run movement. Girls on the Run staff across the nation, along with the IDEA Commission and its subcommittees, are dedicated to creating tactics and evaluation measures to ensure positive outcomes.
IDEA Goals and Strategic Imperatives

Girls on the Run International has strategic imperatives to guide our inclusion, diversity, equity and access (IDEA) work. These imperatives serve as a framework for our organization. We employ tactics and adopt evaluation measures to ensure the imperatives are intentionally embedded into every aspect of our organizational culture and operations.


Girls on the Run is a place of belonging and welcomes, engages and values all people.

  • We provide all participants with a meaningful and engaging experience with our program.
  • We clearly define the organization’s commitment and progress toward meeting our IDEA goals.
  • We include diverse perspectives in the decision-making processes at all levels of the organization.
  • We engage diverse community members in the organization’s mission.
  • We have HR policies and resources that reinforce an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming working environment.

The Girls on the Run movement mirrors the communities it serves. People of all races, ethnicities, thinking styles, abilities, generations, social roles, income levels, sexual orientations, gender identities, educational levels, and religions are represented and serve as active members of our organization.

  • We deepen perspective of thought by ensuring that board, staff, and volunteers represent the diversity of the communities we serve.
  • We use disaggregated data to set IDEA goals and measure progress.
  • We cultivate and value relationships with local and national organizations that represent diverse communities.
  • We ensure coaches have the necessary resources to meaningfully facilitate Girls on the Run programming with all participants.

Girls on the Run is a place where systemic disparities are acknowledged and addressed. Our policies and practices ensure everyone can activate their limitless potential.

  • We provide continuous learning opportunities to expand awareness of IDEA issues among board, staff and volunteers.
  • We utilize vendor selection policies that incorporate an IDEA perspective.
  • We incorporate fund development strategies that advance IDEA outcomes.

Everyone can fully participate in Girls on the Run programming, retrieve and utilize resources, and contribute through volunteer and employment opportunities.

  • We financially invest in strategies to increase participation in all areas of the organization (programming, volunteerism, employment).
  • We communicate existing accessibility efforts and opportunities.
  • We assess and address barriers to participation within the Girls on the Run movement.


As this work evolves, our core values will continue to guide our way. We find strength in connectedness, and value the individuality and dignity of all people. Our commitment to intentional decision making ensures we are thoughtful in all that we do. At all levels of our organization, we are dedicated to mindfully acting to be a welcoming place. We are inspired to lead the organization in a caring way that mirrors the lessons we teach our participants. Click here for an overview of key efforts over the years.

Both as individuals and as an organization, we strive to build a world of love, equity and justice for all.