Social injustice, oppression and systemic racism are deeply imbedded within the United States. And yet the galvanizing moment we are living through gives us hope. As individuals, and as an organization, we have a profound responsibility to harness this moment to create lasting change.
Since July 1, 2020 the following actions have occurred:
  • Board of Directors discussion of financial resources and reallocation, if needed, to ensure necessary investment of funds to drive IDEA progress
  • CEO and Senior Leadership Listening Sessions held with staff, board, councils, and other key organizational stakeholders
  • Review of the organization’s 2017 Access and Inclusion statement to ensure relevance
  • Development of an IDEA Commission comprised of diverse staff and board members to support development of FY21-23 IDEA strategy
    (Click here to read more about Commission members)
As we continue to build out strategies and action plans, we will monitor organizational progress and seek opportunities to listen, learn and evolve.  We know there is more work to do. 
Our plans for continued commitment to IDEA work for the next year
  • Assess existing metrics to ensure effective measurement of key IDEA goals
  • Establish and communicate clearly defined IDEA goals and targets across the movement
  • Strengthen community relationships and develop affinity groups to ensure a sense of belonging and broaden representative coach, board, and staff leadership within Girls on the Run
  • Assess existing IDEA training modules and update or create additional resources for staff, volunteer coaches and board members where needed
  • Review curricula and activity materials to ensure relevant reflection of life experience for all participants including the intersectionality of all identities
  • Deepen perspective of thought by identifying openings for new staff, board, or contract positions for people from under-represented identity groups
  • Review all vendor and contractual relationships and develop goals to ensure diverse representation
  • Engage national partners to support progress and continue to actively seek relationships with partners who represent and serve diverse stakeholders
  • Confirm all Girls on the Run International policies to ensure they are anti-racist
  • Update National Coach Training to include additional content on recognizing, preventing, and responding to bias and microaggressions
Our past IDEA work

This work to support a more equitable and just world is not new to our organization. We elevated our commitment to ensuring that our programs are accessible to any girl who wants to participate by formalizing our Access and Inclusion initiative in 2017, now referred to as our Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA) Statement. Our core values, developed in 2010, ensure our organizational culture and work is aligned with the lessons found in our curricula. Much of the work we have done since their creation aligns around the pillars of inclusion, diversity, equity & access because these ideals are central to the life skills we teach. Things like ensuring a sense of belonging for everyone, recognizing the importance of teamwork, fostering a mastery-climate versus a competitive one, celebrating our differences, and recognizing all the qualities that make us unique, to name a few.

Our past IDEA work has been grounded in five key areas:

  1. Intentional culture building
  2. Accessible and inclusive programming
  3. The intentional recruitment, selection and retention of staff who provide diverse perspectives and experiences
  4. IDEA training/professional development for all staff
  5. Information-based measurement to ensure continual assessment and advancement of goals

Click here to read a timeline of initiatives and progress to date in these key areas.

Both as individuals and as an organization, we pledge to do our part to build a nation of love, equity, and justice for all.