11 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Love Life  

Celebrating romantic love in February? Groundbreaking! This Valentine’s Day, join us in focusing on another equally important relationship – the one with yourself. Let’s flip the script and spotlight this picture. So, put your camera in selfie mode. Zoom in. Smile. Lock eyes with the one-of-a-kind face in the frame. Appreciate its uniqueness. Fall. In. Love.  

Consider this moment the first step in your self-love journey. 

Every other kind of love reaps the benefits of self-love. When we are compassionate with ourselves, we are equipped to treat others with the same grace. By loving ourselves, we become more accepting of people’s flaws and appreciative of their resilience. After all, with genuine love comes empathy, and empathy is the catalyst to inclusion and connection — two of life’s greatest gifts. 

Are you ready to boost your self-love life? Now is the time! You deserve to make this a priority. Check out these 11 ways to enhance your self-love life!  

Write a love letter to yourself 

 Writing a letter ‘to me, from me’ may sound unusual, but similar to meditative journaling, this practice provides an unbiased, judgement-free zone to speak honestly with yourself. Love letters to yourself offer insight into your inner self, increase your presence in the moment and deepen your emotional intelligence. It gives us a chance to pause, reflect and unload. To begin, find a cozy and comfortable private space. Once you are ready, write to yourself in the second person. Select a style or format that speaks to you (prompts, poetry or free flow). Throughout, sprinkle in treasured memories and recent wins. Make a call to write back soon. Create a schedule or series for “staying in touch.” Believe us, the recipient of your letters will always be grateful to hear back from you.   

Set goals (short-term AND bucket list) 

Living a life you are proud of and look forward to is directly connected to self-love. Setting goals, both in the short- and long-term, is pivotal to enhancing our life’s journey and keeps us motivated on our dimmest days. Goal setting places us in control and helps us figure out what’s holding us back. Short-term goals are ideal for quick, tangible wins that keep us plowing ahead throughout the week. Bucket lists are invaluable for long-term inspiration and reminders of how much more excitement and beauty is waiting for us later down the road. 

Enhance sleeping habits 

This may not be the flashiest or most fun tip, but the payoff couldn’t be more beneficial. For years, studies from across the globe have named balanced sleep as one of the most vital tools for total wellness. However, in the age of smart phones and binge TV-watching, most of us have room for improvement! Try doing one thing every week to improve your sleep schedule. Here’s some of our favorite examples: Set a reminder to put the phone down, start a new book and set a page goal, make your bed every morning (sleep is so much more appealing with a fresh bed), brew an evening cup of caffeine-free tea, track your sleep habits, and more!  

Make time for fun 

When was the last time you said the words, “That was a BLAST!” and completely meant it? What did you do, who was there and how did it impact your love of self? It could be as simple as video calling a friend, viewing a film or getting creative with a craft project. Or as big as a group game night, solo exploration of a new park or visit with favorite family members. Moving joy to the top of your to-do list is one of the greatest decisions a person can make. Consider joy-igniting activities fuel for your soul. A fueled soul and full cup enhance self-love levels. 

Let love motivate your actions 

Imagine your self-love as a warm, glimmering liquid flowing throughout your body. Envision it flowing throughout your veins, giving you functionality and keeping your organs operational. Now, imagine it as the energy source behind your reactions, behaviors or thoughts. Before you react, consider, does this thought reflect love? Am I leading with love? Is love motivating this action? For example, when looking in the mirror, instead of critiquing your body, view it from a place of compassion. Love how your body keeps you alive. Admire how it moves. This applies to both body and spirit. Celebrate the vastness of your mind. When in doubt, start any conversation — even with yourself — from a place of love. 

Quit comparing 

Cut comparison out like a bad habit. Hang it up, bid it farewell and move forward like you’ve never met. Comparison is the antithesis of self-love. Every person experiences life with a unique set of circumstances that are singular to them, so instead of comparing, follow your own purpose. Recognize your triggers and re-wire your thinking when you fall into comparison traps. Every time you find yourself comparing or competing, replace those thoughts with ones of gratitude. Write them down if you need to. Focus on your strengths. Remember the amount of support in your life. Reframe negative self-talk yes, like the GOTR lesson! Document your achievements. And, please, please, please, limit your time on social media! 

Surround yourself with empower-ers and set boundaries 

The players on your team influence the way you play the game. If you have friends who complain incessantly or judge people who are different than them, this black-and-white scene can darken your entire world. Even if you don’t directly participate, their negativity will cast a shadow on what could have been light. Instead, is there a person in your life who inspires you to take chances and be brave? Give them a call and thank them. Do you know someone who can make you laugh until your belly hurts? Share how much they mean to you. These people are the gems of life. Prioritize their sparkle. And watch, your own glow will radiate.  

Talk to yourself as a child 

Every single one of us was once a curious, care-free complicated little kiddo. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve come. Remember where you started. Have grace on the kid inside of you who’s doing their very best. Would you speak harshly to child-you after making a mistake or failing to meet a goal? No. You’d be their biggest cheerleader and best friend. You’d offer validation and solutions and insight. The kid inside is forever a part of you and deserves all the compassion in the world. Treat them with love. 

Do one thing to improve your space 

Room vibes do not lie. The energy in an environment plays a big role in our mood, whether we realize it or not. For this tip, every so often find a way to enhance the tranquility of your most-frequently visited space, such as a bedroom or workspace. Add a new plant, organize a drawer, buy a candle, clean out a closet, hang up a new picture, or post a gratitude checklist. Big or small, room size isn’t relevant, nor is the number of pricey electronics or fancy furniture. What matters most is making your space feel warm, comfortable and a place where you can truly be you. 

Get moving 

The joy of movement is real. The motivation to get started is also real. The key to overcoming this? Setting unintimidating expectations. Don’t force yourself to bike 40 miles if it does not serve your soul. Instead, perform an exercise that meets your needs physically and mentally and doesn’t add extra stress to your life. Movement that’s enjoyable is much more likely to be repeated consistently. Any amount of movement will serve your confidence for hours afterwards. And remember, you do not need to start saving for an elliptical or even a pricey pair of luxury leggings — movement can be as simple and affordable as a YouTube yoga video (Hi, Yoga with Adrienne!), walk/roll/run around the block or playing fetch with your fur baby.  

Make time for humor 

No one needs a scientific study to confirm that laughter does wonders for the spirit. (But for those who love and respect a deep dive, the Mayo Clinic has all the facts!) Amongst the Mayo Clinic’s listed perks of laughter include organ stimulation, stress response activation and relief, and tension soothing. These glowing benefits can completely reframe your mood, energy and how you treat yourself. So, if you are an avid listener of crime fiction audiobooks, consider adding in a few episodes from a comedy podcast to lighten things up, get you giggling and, above all else, get you out of your own head! A little laughter is a great perspective-builder. 

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