17 MORE Kind Compliments That Don’t Involve Looks — From GOTR Councils!

After receiving wonderful feedback and encouraging stories about our blog, Kind Compliments That Don’t Involve Looks, we are pleased to present a part two! Except this time around, we are featuring the incredible voices of some of the council teams who bring our program to life. Thank you to our councils for inspiring girls and fueling them with the motivation — and kind compliments — they need to pursue their goals.

Enjoy our second round of 17 Kind Compliments That Don’t Involve Looks — From GOTR Councils!

I love that you value your community. – GOTR Southeastern Wisconsin

You are a total superhero. – GOTR Southeastern Wisconsin 

Your encouraging personality is infectious! – GOTR South Georgia

You are as magical as a unicorn. – GOTR Southeastern Wisconsin

Your joy is refreshing and hugely infectious. – GOTR Central Kentucky

Your infinite support and ability to lift me up is unmatched. – GOTR Michiana

You are there to help when I need a hand. – GOTR Michiana

You are uniquely YOU. – GOTR Michiana 

You are a terrific big sister. – GOTR Michiana 

I love how you see the positive in any situation. – GOTR Central Virginia & Blue Ridge 

Together, we can achieve anything. – GOTR North Central Wisconsin 

I always feel brighter and happier after spending time with you. – GOTR Hampton Roads 

I have fun with you. – GOTR Michiana 

I love your hugs! – GOTR Michiana

You show up even when you sometimes do not feel like it! – GOTR Michiana 

I am inspired by your boldness and courage to try new things. – GOTR of Central Illinois

Your passion about things that are important to you inspires me! – GOTR Union County

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