5K Finish Line Tips from 26 GOTR Girls

No matter how old you are, completing a 5K is a rewarding challenge that creates a ripple effect of positivity. The 5K experience uniquely enriches participants’ lives as it nurtures their well-being, confidence, and connection to their community all at once! And with the joy of the Girls on the Run 5K season still filling our hearts, we are eager to maintain the magic by sharing inspiring insights from the GOTR girls themselves. After all, who better to offer advice on 5Ks than the powerful young participants who conquered them? Yes, we can certainly quote the experts and professionals, but this time around, we’re turning the volume up on our GOTR girls’ voices! Keep reading to learn top tips from 26 participants who laced up their sneakers, hit the pavement, and successfully crossed the GOTR 5K finish line.

Aleeya’s Tip

“Have a running buddy and encourage others.”

Anaya’s 5K Advice:

“Finish fast!”


Blakely’s 5K Advice:

“Slow down at the beginning and then as you work through, you can get a little faster.”

Carter’s 5K Advice:

“You’re supposed to drink three bottles of water a day, but most people only drink one. If you drink three you’ll get a lot more energy.”

CiCi’s 5K Advice:

“Make sure you stretch before.”

Clara’s 5K Advice:

“Go your happy pace!”

Ella’s 5K Advice:

“Make a breathing rhythm.”

Jaycee’s 5K Advice:

“Take deep breaths.”

Jaylee’s 5K Advice:

“You got to have courage and believe in yourself and never give up. You have to keep going and people will cheer you on as you go. But you have to keep going and never give up and never back down!”

Keilahni’s 5K Advice:

“If you feel like you can’t do it anymore, just keep on pushing yourself!”

Lyra’s 5K Advice:

“If you ever want to do 5K, I think you should start off slow pacing yourself. When you can see the finish line, sprint and try your best. Don’t give up and don’t tell yourself you can’t do it!”

Mackenzie’s 5K Advice:

“Do your best because it’s the best you can do!”

Maddy’s 5K Advice:

“Always have a running buddy.”

Marayiah’s 5K Advice:

“Never back down and the words that keep me going is that, you’re above and beyond with the stars, and you’re like a galaxy with your group!”

Mia’s 5K Advice:

“Pace yourself and breathe slowly.”

Mila’s 5K Advice:

“All you have to do is just keep on running for the race.”

Miri’s 5K Advice:

“Stay at your happy pace and you don’t have to run the whole time, you don’t have to walk. You could skip, you could jog, you could sprint, and yeah!”

Payton’s 5K Advice:

“Make sure you eat a little bit of breakfast so you don’t get sick running and get a lot of rest and drink a lot of water.”

Penny’s 5K Advice:

“One (tip) is to practice, and the other is you have to believe in yourself or it’s not going to work!”

Raneen’s 5K Advice

“Stay strong!”

Rose’s 5K Advice:

“(Have) company.”

Sarah’s 5K Advice:

“Stay cool and dump water on your head!”

Sophia’s 5K Advice:

“You need to stretch!”

Thanura’s 5K Advice:

“You should warm up first so you feel ready for the race, then you start off by running quicker, then you can slow down over time, or you can start slow and get faster at the end of the race.”

Vedta’s 5K Advice:

“First slowly walk, then start running.”

Zoey’s 5K Advice:

“Look at something to give you inspiration. Like, let’s say that pole (points at pole), whenever you get it (the pole), you set a different goal. Keep setting those goals. Act like you’re not running a 5K, act like you’re just trying to do that!”

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