23 Sensational Snapshots from Fall 5Ks

You tagged #GOTR5K and we came RUNNING to see your celebrations! The temperatures might have been chilly at some 2022 fall 5K Celebrations, but the joy in the air kept every person’s heart warm and filled with encouragement. Across the continent, girls, families and supporters showed up to applaud all of the our girls’ accomplishments from this season. No matter how windy, rainy or hectic it was, GOTR communities everywhere worked tirelessly to ensure our girls had an experience they’ll never forget.

Thanks to all who helped make every fall 2022 5K Celebration (all 160+ of them) a MASSIVE success. Join us in reliving these magical days by taking a peek at few of our favorite fall #GOTR5K snapshots!

Shoutout to the 3rd- to 5th-grade participants on team East Atlanta Kids Club for completing their first 5K! This was the site’s first season with GOTR.

(P.S. If you are in the the ATL area, please consider donating to their Community Impact Project with Blessing Bags of Warmth.)

A little rain never slowed down our GOTR girls! In this photo, two Texas A&M Gamma Phi Beta volunteers support participant Isla as her running buddies every step of the way. In fact, Isla was the first girl of 2,000 to cross the finish line. This is how Gamma Phi Beta and GOTR have Built Strong Girls as partners for the last ten years!

Our favorite accessory for SLEIGHING all day? Obviously a bright pink GOTR cape! We see you, Girls on the Run Central Ohio Sparkle Runners!

Crossing the finish line hand-in-hand with someone who believes in you is the BEST feeling. Need proof? Just look at the smiles on these ladies at the Girls on the Run Richmond 5K.

Photo credit: Southern Orthopedic Surgeons

Summer heat, winter chills and all temperatures in between, many GOTR kids LOVE the Happy Hair stations. Big thank you to every incredible volunteer who brings such color to the big day!

The joy of Girls on the Run 5K Celebrations is best shared with friends and family. The great vibes seen here at the Girls on the Run Alachua County event say it all!

Volunteers make 5K Celebrations possible. Superstar Energy Awards go to this group of early morning volunteers who braved the dark, cold and some gusty winds to help Girls on the Run UPMC Magee set up for the big day.

Get motivated with this awesome recap from first-time Girls on the Run SAC coach, Udochi: “I’ve been volunteering with GOTR for about 10 weeks and have had a blast working with an amazing group of girls! I can’t believe that it’s already over! This was my first in person event since I got into running and it was so much fun! In the beginning my feet were literally frozen, but I managed to warm up quickly! Can’t wait to do this again next year and if you have a local chapter I encourage you to volunteer!”

Tis the season! This GOTR team and coaches showed its holiday spirit from head to toe at the Girls on the Run Tri County SC 5K Celebration.

The most powerful posters feature handwritten notes that come straight from the heart! Girls from Lord Sterling designed this poster to inspire their fellow runners at the Girls on the Run Central New Jersey 5K. Mission accomplished, if you ask us!

At the Girls on the Run New Hampshire 5K, the Unicorn Sweeper crew left a trail of glitter on the course cheering on every girl to the finish line. They take their job very seriously and we are oh, so grateful for it!

The perfect image for that “YES, I DID IT!” feeling. Congrats, GOTR girl Vivian, for crossing the finish line!

At Girls on the Run, participants learn the value of friendship and form relationships that last a lifetime. We love this snap of girls cheering on their teammates with custom signs at the Girls on the Run Memphis 5K!

Great to see so many big-hearted supporters show up and give our girls a HAND at the Girls on the Run Mid State PA 5K.

We don’t care what the forecast says — matching team tutus rock in EVERY season! Right, ladies? This is major #teamgoals, Girls on the Run Philadelphia!

Bay Area GOTR girls using their voices to pump the crowd up for the exciting day.

Talk about team work! The Youth Advisory Board at Girls on the Run KC designed this unmissable banner for GOTR girls to bring to life with color. Wow! Who else wants a t-shirt with this design? Take our money!

Alongside her running buddy mom, Keegan, Maren the Golden Service dog joined in the fun (and clearly made a few friends) at the Girls on the Run Greater Charlotte 5K Celebration.

Photo by Samantha Jones

GOTR girls at NYC got their creativity on first, and then their running second. Like we say, GOTR celebrates the whole girl, mind, body and soul!

The expression of this GOTR girl front and center at the Girls on the Run Northeast Indiana 5K is the mood booster every person needs to see today.

Coming together as team at the finish line is what it’s all about. Here girls confidently move into their next chapters and lift one another up along the way. The finish line is only the beginning. This shot from the Girls on the Run Greater Charlotte 5K speaks volumes.

Photo by: Jillian Marie Photography

A strong warm-up with great tunes, fun moves and loads of laughs is the best way to kick off a 5K Celebration. Way to do it, Girls on the Run New Orleans!

Photo by Sarah Beagan

Finally, could there possibly be a better photo to wrap up this blog? We don’t think so. Let’s all remember the joy seen here on the face of this amazing GOTR girl from the Girls on the Run Maine 5K.


We’ll see you all at the starting line in spring 2023.♥

Do you have even MORE 5K memories you want to share with the team at GOTR HQ? Shoot us an email. Our door is always open to good news! Contact Kelly McGuire at kmcguire@girlsontherun.org. And to sign your girl up for next season, find a council near you!