28 Super Signs from Spring 5Ks

The spring 2023 5K Celebration season is just winding down and, wow, did our councils knock it out of the park. From first-time 5K events (shout out to GOTR Tulare & Fresno Counties) to all-time high 5K attendance records (hello, GOTR South Central Wisconsin), the spring 2023 season concluded in unforgettable days that will inspire us for the rest of the year. Throughout every event across the country, families, friends, and community supporters cheered our teams on from start the finish. Whether it was a morning of rain or an afternoon of sunshine, the sidelines were consistently filled with encouraging cheers, loud claps and vibrant signs. In fact, there were so many awesome signs that we were inspired to create a blog and show them off! Are you ready for a fun recap of awesome handmade 5K signs?! On your mark, get set, READ! Enjoy 28 Super Signs from Spring 5Ks!

Girls on the Run Rockies

What goes better with colorful signs? Vibrant accessories, of course! Bonus points goes to the queen in the crown and boa. We are striving to channel this energy EVERY day.

Girls on the Run Lehigh Valley

Slay the 5K all day! A sign with a rhyme is fine every time. 😉

Girls on the Run Los Angeles County

Now this is perhaps the most factual sign we’ve ever seen. Who else hits a new PR upon seeing the ice cream truck? You nailed it, Gamma Phi Beta!

Girls on the Run Mid and Western Michigan

This proud GOTR fan’s sign has a little bit of everything. Positive affirmation stickers, encouraging phrases, and the perfect shade of blue to match her outfit! We’re here for it.

Girls on the Run Southeastern Michigan

Who’s cutting onions right now? Someone pass us the tissue box, please… This one has us emotional in all the best ways. Beautiful job!

Girls on the Run Bexar County

Where do we begin with the awesomeness of this sign? The thoughtfulness? The storytelling? The beautiful color pattern? This acrostic poem is just flawless!

Girls on the Run Georgia

Sometimes simple and direct is the most powerful option of all. “Mommy and Daddy are very proud of you!” Well, the same goes for us — we’re very proud of every GOTR teammate!

Girls on the Run Bexar County

Well hello, gorgeous GOTR girl dog! Will you be our mascot?! Are you available for full-time employment? Get us in touch with your agent.

Girls on the Run Bexar County

The course is strong with this one! No lightsabers necessary. Girls on the Run inspires all the star power girls need for 5Ks on earth and galaxies far, far away!

Girls on the Run Bexar County

We always appreciate a reminder that all the strength you need is already inside of you. Good for the 5K and any situation!

Girls on the Run Georgia

A team from the Girls on the Run Atlanta  made signs in advance to inspire their fellow teammates and 5K participants. Thoughtful and creative?! Those are our GOTR girls! <3

Girls on the Run Northwest Illinois

It’s clear so much love, humor, and care went into the creation of this fantastic sign. We are confident that Laya smiled and burst into laughter (just like we did) at the sight of the more, um, fragrant emojis in the corner of the poster. LOL!

Girls on the Run Northwest Illinois

Just as Timothy the frog here believes in you, so do we! Plus this sign leaves us with a wonderful quote: “The animals mean everyone is friends no matter how different.” A great lesson for us all!

Girls on the Run Greater Houston

Smiles, cheers, signs, Gamma Phi Beta never ceases to bring all the good vibes to 5K Celebrations.

Girls on the Run Northwest Illinois

There’s inspiring signs, then there’s inspiring signs in motion. Brylie, we knew you could do it just as much as your supporter sprinting on the sidelines!

Girls on the Run Michiana

He may be bored and possibly sleepy, but this GOTR brother showed up and that’s what counts the most.

Girls on the Run Hampton Roads

Sign on the left — anything with googly-eyes is a winner in our books. Sign on the right — your rhyme flow is *chef’s kiss*!

Girls on the Run Upstate New York

Signs with music and movie references? Consider us entertained!

Girls on the Run Central Iowa

Tale as old as time, true as it can be…5K’s are so fun, at Girls on the Run, you’re a beauty and a beast!

Girls on the Run Central Iowa

Look who made it to the Girls on the Run Central Iowa 5K! It’s him a’Mario! Thanks for coming by and supporting GOTR, Mario! We know it’s been a busy year with your major motion picture and all. We appreciate all your power-ups!

Girls on the Run Central Iowa

Throughout the Girls on the Run season, participants are inspired to replace negative self-talk with positive self-talk. Based on this sign, it looks like that lesson made a great impact. What a beautiful sight!

Girls on the Run Tulare and Fresno Counties

This may have been Girls on the Run Tulare and Fresno County’s first 5K, but they did not show up empty handed with excellent signs! Way to go, team! We are so proud of how far you have come!

Girls on the Run Triangle

At the 5K, all forms of movement are welcome. Walk, run, skip, roll, push ride — participate however you like, just do it with happiness!

Girls on the Run Charlotte

We see you Oakhurst STEAM Academy! We also are totally loving the coordination of the visors and tutus! This team rocked the 5K in style!

Girls on the Run Greater Chesapeake

The rain did not stand a chance in slowing this cheer squad down! This photo is just radiating positive energy. Shout out to this group for showing up in the best way!

Girls on the Run Upstate New York

So much sweetness packed into one sign! Six lovely positive affirmations, to be exact. Great work!

Girls on the Run Western Michigan

Even the greatest GOTR cheerleaders need a little break once and awhile. We appreciate you, future GOTR teammate!

Girls on the Run Triangle

A strong, meaningful final message for us all to remember!

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