Reignite Your New Year’s Resolutions With These 5 Tips

We are nearly at the halfway mark of 2022! Can you believe it? Like it or not, it’s officially time to break out the sandals, increase the SPF and add some ice to our coffees. Spring has sprung and summer break is right around the corner. Before diving headfirst into the new season though, we challenge you to reflect on this question: how are your New Year’s Resolutions going? Yes…THOSE old things! Did they slip your mind? There’s no shame in getting distracted – in fact, it’s statistically proven that most people do. According to a 2016 study, of the 41% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions, by the end of the year only 9% feel they are successful in keeping them.

Now take a moment, pause and think about your initial resolution. Does that goal still matter to you? Will it enrich your life? Increase the happiness of those around you? If so, you owe it to yourself to hop back on that horse and get riding again! Just as we inspire our girls to never give up, we also encourage you to follow your heart and be brave enough to take a second chance. 

Keep reading and reignite your resolutions with these 5 tips! 

Start with a Fresh Plan 

So your first plan did not pan out successfully? Well think of it this way: now you know what not to do this time around! Reflect on lessons learned but be careful not to dwell on past mistakes. It is important to proceed at this point with a clear mind and tangible steps. Remember to start small and create room for growth but above all else, make it actionable and timely! Next, is your new plan easy to understand and follow consistently? If so, awesome! Keep it simple at first and don’t be too hard on yourself as you get back on track.

Set Priorities 

Trying to achieve multiple milestones all at once is unrealistic and can lead to heartbreak. As you create your plan, make a list of what matters most and why. By setting priorities, you can create mini-action steps that contribute to the big picture and remove parts that aren’t as supportive. Additionally, identifying priorities can help you discover what aspects of your plan need the most time and attention. Learning this information early in the process is critical, as it will guide how you map out your overall timeline. 

Track Your Progress  

No matter what goal is, taking notes is crucial. We know this step can be cumbersome, but when you reflect on your notes in the future, you’ll be extremely glad you took the time. The best way to effectively incorporate this step into your life is to set an exact time every day to recap your progress. Basically, make an appointment with yourself to check in on how everything is going and jot down some key achievements/opportunities. Your notes do not have to be excessive, but should inform you of what direction you need to take. The main thing is to be consistent with your inclusions so that you always have a clear understanding of what you need to focus on next. 

Analyze Your Progress 

This step is essentially ‘Part II’ of ‘Tracking Your Progress’. After you take detailed, honest and consistent notes, carve out an intentional time to reflect and analyze the data in front of you. Performing progress reports as you go along (instead of all at once at the end) will prevent you from venturing down a long route that leads to a dead-end. Regular analysis of your progress shows you what’s working, what’s struggling or what needs to be innovated. Don’t hide from the reality of what’s happening – take the information, use it to your benefit and proceed accordingly. 

Find Ways to Make The Process Fun 

Don’t worry, fun still is most definitely allowed here! (This is GOTR after all!) Achievements are much more likely to be reached when a certain level of joy is involved. If not, the journey is rarely worth the destination, as it was pursued with a heavy heart and burdened soul. As you work tirelessly toward your resolution, remember to ignite moments of celebration, happiness and relaxation along the way. We’re not saying take a vacation from the goal, but just think creativity about ways to occasionally sprinkle in a little extra sunshine. Are you trying to go outside every day for 20 minutes? On one of those walks, why not grab some frozen yogurt with your family? Are you trying to eat more fruits and vegetables? Invite an old friend out for a day at a local farmer’s market. Don’t be afraid to inject fun into the process. Again, like we said earlier: you deserve it! 


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