*Make it Sparkle* GOTR Spring Cleaning Playlist

Are you ready for the second half of 2022? Prepared for the long summer days ahead? Transitioning out of the hoodies-and-slippers-mindset can be daunting, but once you are up and at ‘em with a refreshed headspace, there is no turning back! And if you can make that switch while having fun, it’s even easier to get big things accomplished.

Whether you need to clear out your closet, scrub the bathrooms or reorganize the garage, spring cleaning is here. It is true, June is just weeks away and there is no more escaping the annual deep-clean. But, there is a silver lining here. Our team has carefully curated the perfect playlist to get you through this season’s least exciting to-do list. We’re GOTR, after all! Sprinkling in fun, empowerment, joy — it’s just what we do!

What song never fails to make you whistle while you work? Let us know and we’ll add it in: marketing@girlsontherun.org!