DIY Dream Boards

With more time at home than usual, many families are looking for ways to connect and learn more about one another. One fun and fabulous way to do just that is to sit down for a family project and make dream boards. Not only do dream boards help us think deeply about what we want out of life, but having a visual representation of these desires can also help us muster the motivation we need to get there. Doing this project as a family also helps each member express themselves and learn more about the people in their lives!

Right now, when routines are disrupted, much-anticipated events are canceled and kids might be missing their friends, creating a dream board will help them look forward to all that life has to offer. As time passes and things return to normal, having a visual representation of their goals and dreams will remind kids to keep thinking about who they want to be and the life they want to lead!


  • Construction paper or poster board
  • Lots of magazines
  • Scissors
  • Pens/pencils/markers
  • Glue


  • Give each member of your family a piece of construction paper or poster board and have them divide it into four sections using a pen/pencil/marker. Label the sections DO, GO, BE and LOVE.
  • For each section, ask the guiding questions below and give each person plenty of time to search for words or images in magazines that represent their answers. Cut out the words and images that resonate for each section and paste them onto the respective sections of the dream board.


DO: What do you want to do when you grow up? Think about what sort of job you might want to have, what hobbies you’d like to participate in and what you’ll do in your spare time.

GO: Where would you like to go when you grow up? Think about where you might like to live, travel or spend your time.

BE: What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? Think about how you’ll treat others and what sort of energy you want to project into the world.

LOVE: Who do you want to spend your time with when you grow up? Think about family you might want to spend time with, pets you’ll care for and friends you might have.

Share and Connect

Once each family member has completed their dream board, take the opportunity to share your dreams and make connections with one another. After each family member shares, ask these questions to dig deeper:

  • Was any one section more difficult to complete than another?
  • Which section were you most excited to complete?
  • What are you doing now to work towards your dreams?

Making dream boards as a family is a powerful way to connect and learn more about one another. Enjoy your family time!

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