Celebrating Global Diversity Awareness Month at Girls on the Run

If the heart of Girls on the Run is empowerment, then the brain of our organization is empathy. To ultimately empower a person, you must empathize with them, appreciate their experiences and accept them for who they are. Each component is only as strong as its counterpart. The same concept applies when celebrating diversity. Looking outside of yourself, considering a new perspective and recognizing the beauty of those with different stories is a critical way to experience life. Everyone benefits from this mindset, and no one is left behind.

Girls on the Run participants running outside. They are wearing GOTR program shirts. Each girl is unique. The image indicates diversity in culture, ethnicity and accessibility, which shows how the program is welcoming and truly celebrates global diversity awareness.

Girls on the Run participants running outside.

Acknowledging the value of different cultures is fundamental at Girls on the Run. Our programming and IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) work intentionally places emphasis on creating a landscape that is welcoming, respectful and encouraging to all girls.

This is just one of the many reasons we are proud to celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month.

Global Diversity Awareness Month places a spotlight on how we can better understand one another and embrace each person’s unique attributes.

This month is a time to reflect on our awareness skills and explore ways of opening our minds to other people’s realities. When we recognize our neighbor’s experiences as meaningful and valid, our own lives become enriched, and society operates more harmoniously. We aim to help create initiatives that mirror this practice.

This Global Diversity Awareness Month, join us in embracing new cultures, beliefs and perspectives.

To learn more about our IDEA work, please click here.