Goal-Setting Activity for Girls: Find Your Power Pump-Up Ritual

Have you ever wondered how gymnasts learn to effortlessly do splits? Or how someone who is scared to speak up in class ends up using her voice to make a difference? We know accomplishing any goal (big or small) takes time, effort and practice. But sticking with our goals and staying motivated to complete them can be challenging! Today’s goal-setting activity will give your girl one simple way to get pumped up and find personal motivation to keep going and reach any goal to which she sets her mind!

Knowing how to pump yourself up and keep going is a key part of stick-with-it-ness. It takes more than positive thinking to see any goal through, but with these pump-up tools added to her toolbox, your girl will have more ways to reach for motivation and encouragement when she needs it most. More importantly, she will discover that she can reach inside herself for the support she needs.

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