#GOTRVoices: Embracing Your Unique Potential

Evelyn, now 23 years old, participated in Girls on the Run for three years between 2007-2009. She later returned as a coach for GOTR NOVA, volunteered at 5K events and became a programming team intern as a senior in college. Girls on the Run taught Evelyn how to let go of comparison and embrace her uniqueness in a community of strong-minded, capable girls. Evelyn said, “My Girls on the Run coaches embodied the organization’s values and made the program shine. My coaches emphasized what they had learned and their own experiences when dealing with friendship, problem solving and emotions.” This encouraged her to live to a higher standard, make decisions more intentionally and be purposeful in her actions.


Evelyn acknowledges that girls receive so many messages about who they should be or what traits they need to possess to be confident, but she believes that confidence is about what we already have within ourselves — whether physical, emotional or intellectual. She stated, “Confidence means an appreciation for our own abilities and skills — an understanding that our potential is unique – and I think that’s what Girls on the Run really emphasizes.”

Evelyn quote

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