How to Foster Friendship with Your Teenage Daughter

Being a mother of two girls, I know the difference developing a friendship can make in a relationship with a child. Being a friendly mom helps build a sense of trust between you and your children, especially if you are a mom to a daughter.

Here are some tips that will help moms develop a closer bond with their daughters:

Engage in Chit-Chat

Start a conversation with your daughter about her daily activities and let her know the things that kept you busy in return. Discuss the highs and lows of the day together.

Have a Sense of Humor

Teenagers like to be entertained. Always look for opportunities to throw a joke into conversation or to do something makes your daughter smile. These fun moments will go a long way in growing your relationship closer.

Find Common Hobbies and Interests

Do things you both enjoy — together! Spend time making your favorite foods, playing your favorite games, watching movies or going shopping.

Be a Confidant

If your daughter trusts you, she will not hesitate to share her secrets with you. Exercise discretion about her private life as her mother and as a friend.

Don’t Preach — Tell a Story

No one likes to be nagged! As teenagers are more interested in stories, share messages that can teach her lessons about life.

Inspire, Don’t Impose

Don’t limit her freedom of choice. Being your daughter’s friend means inspiring her through your actions. Your behavior and attitude towards life will teach and encourage her to make decisions—as well as how to cope with consequences or disappointment. Dominating your daughter could strain your relationship and have a negative impact on her in the long-run.

Give Her Space

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that we don’t own our children. Our daughters have friends they want to spend time with and they want private moments. As friends, respecting her social and private life provides her quality time for herself and others.

Make Use of Technology to Express Your Feelings

In today’s age, it takes only a few minutes to express your love for a person. Using technology and apps your daughter uses can relay any messages you’d like to convey. Tell her how much you love her and what she means to you by sending her affectionate messages. These gestures will go a long way in growing your love in heart of your daughter.

Send Her Thoughtful Gifts

Meaningful gifts from parents are special to children. Birthdays, family celebrations and academic achievements are the good times to send presents to and dote on your daughter, but they might also help if you find her in low spirits or a bad mood.

Lend a Helping Hand

Look for opportunities where your daughter needs your help. She could be having trouble with her studies or having issues with friends or a relationship. Your insightful guidance will provide support as she makes the best decision for herself. It is important to let your daughter make some decisions independently.


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