How to Practice Gratitude

Saying “thanks” is an important part of being human but sometimes it can be tough to remember to take note of all we are grateful for in our lives and find ways to show our appreciation. While it might seem obvious that we should help our girls take note of the good in their lives, experts tell us that in order for girls to experience gratitude at its fullest, they need to do more than just notice the good. Girls also need to spend time reflecting on the things they appreciate and then decide how they’ll express that gratitude. Today’s activity will help you and your girl be intentional about noticing what you’re grateful for and reflecting on how you can express gratitude!

Why It Matters

Learning to practice gratitude has lifelong benefits. According to Harvard Health, those who practice gratitude tend to have lower levels of stress, report higher levels of life satisfaction, and enjoy better relationships with their family and friends.

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