SPRING Activity for Kids

Now that we’re a month into spring, we thought it would be the perfect time to share a fun SPRING-themed activity for you to complete with your kids! For this activity, you’ll choose something different to do each day of the week (with one free day of your choice) inspired by one of the letters in the word SPRING.

Here are some example prompts you can use to get started:

S = Show some love! Tell your friends or each member of your family one thing you love about them, in person, via text or by handwritten card.
P = Passion project. What are you really passionate about — animals, science, space exploration, video games, math, art? Come up with an activity or project today centered around that!
R = Random act of kindness. Show some kindness to your community by doing something selfless, such as picking up trash around your neighborhood or making a donation to your local food bank.
I = Imagine you were in charge of the whole world for one day. What would you do? What decisions would you make? What changes would you make? Write a letter from your “in charge of everything” self to your everyday self.
N = Normalize weird. Pick out the weirdest outfit you can possibly find! Wear it in public OR take a picture and send it to five friends.
G = Grow something! Take this in any direction you like — plant a seed or flower, grow your mind by learning something new or grow your strength by doing some exercises you enjoy.

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