Uniting Strength and Empowerment: Flamingo and Girls on the Run

Like two people, bursting with similar interests, passions, and values finally meeting and becoming fast friends, some partnerships are just written in the stars. With Flamingo’s commitment to championing women, their bodies, and their choices, and Girls on the Run’s mission to inspire girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident, the connection between our two organizations is destined and meaningful. And now, that connection is at the forefront of a new chapter in Girls on the Run, where the needs of girls are being recognized more intentionally than ever. It is our sincere pleasure to announce the incredible new partnership between Flamingo and Girls on the Run. Flamingo’s support will play a pivotal role in the release of our updated curriculum that places additional emphasis on the specific issues girls and young people face today.

Learn more below about the powerful similarities we both share and how this alignment will help advance the Girls on the Run movement!

Empowering from the Start

Since the brand’s inception in 2018, Flamingo products have been designed with empowerment in mind. Their mission is clear: There are no wrong answers in grooming and when women have a positive relationship to body care, they are better equipped to show up as themselves. Flamingo believes that everyone should have the freedom to choose how they want to groom, and this connects perfectly with Girls on the Run’s message of encouraging young girls to make their own choices and be confident in their decision-making – no matter what it is!

Building Confidence and Self-love

As a reader of the Girls on the Run blog, you are likely aware that our programs focus on building confidence, self-esteem, and resilience in young girls. But for our new folks, let us happily explain! Through a curriculum that combines physical activity, interactive team discussions, and community impact projects, our program nurtures qualities and develops skills in participants that are vital for success in life. Flamingo’s commitment to helping individuals feel comfortable in their own skin aligns flawlessly with the empowering, relevant, and intentional content at the core of our evidence-based programming.

Supporting Girls’ Dreams

Flamingo’s partnership with Girls on the Run goes beyond the immediate financial contributions of today. It’s also about investing long-term in girls’ dreams, enhancing body positivity in a new generation, and leading by example when girls need it most. By supporting an organization that helps girls dream big and proudly pursue their goals, Flamingo is creating a future where young girls everywhere feel empowered to raise their voices, stand up for themselves and others, and boldly break barriers. Now that’s a future we look forward to with optimistic minds and full hearts!

Deepening Community and Inclusivity

Both Flamingo and Girls on the Run understand and embrace the importance of community and inclusivity. Through their intentional products and messaging, Flamingo has built a community of individuals who are proud to express themselves through their grooming choices, regardless of gender, skin type, body size – you name it. Similarly, Girls on the Run fosters a sense of belonging, weaves inclusion, diversity, equity, and access throughout all we do, and encourages girls from all backgrounds to participate in our programs. Together, the partnership between Flamingo and Girls on the Run will create more spaces where everyone feels welcome, valued, and confident to be themselves.

Raising Awareness

One of the most significant aspects of this partnership is its potential to raise awareness and lead to positive, meaningful change. When a trusted brand like Flamingo aligns itself with an organization like Girls on the Run, it not only gives GOTR the ability to expand our reach, but it also shines a spotlight on both organizations’ missions and values. The visibility of this new alignment has the potential to inspire more people to get involved, volunteer, or contribute in various ways, further strengthening the impact of the Girls on the Run organization.

It’s truly a stellar match. As demonstrated above, the partnership between Flamingo and Girls on the Run is a beautiful synergy of two entities who are working to create a better, more inclusive world for all. Together, one razor stroke and one confident action at a time, we are fostering a tomorrow where girls have the courage to embrace their uniqueness, chase their dreams, and become fearless changemakers.