Stay Active This Winter with These 5 Tips!

Don’t let the winter blues freeze your family’s activity levels! There are plenty of heart-pumping and brain-stimulating activities for your family to participate in that don’t require 70-degree days. The key to success is consistency, so acting as an example to your kids is a must! As long as you are open-minded, willing to try something new and think creatively, you’ll be able to help keep your kids’ activity levels high no matter the season. See our favorite 5 ways to stay active this winter in the list below! 

Schedule different outdoor activities each week

Variety truly is the spice of life! Keep this in mind as you plan outdoor activities with your kids this winter. Aside from classic cold-weather activities like building snowmen or sled riding, try out something new that your kids may not have done before. Have you ever heard of blowing bubbles in the winter? Spoiler alert: If it’s cold enough they will freeze! Schedule different activities each week to ensure that your kids won’t lose interest or get bored. Some of our top ideas include going to different playgrounds in your community, building snow mazes (strengthening the brain too!) or exploring local parks for nature walks.  

Play indoor games that require movement

Trust us, this does not require a fancy indoor gym or running around the house recklessly! Actually, a lot of movement-based games do not require much equipment at all! Twister is a trusty example, as is Charades. Both heavily involve movement as well as problem-solving skills, which is a major bonus. We also are big fans of creating your own hop-scotch court with painter’s tape! The possibilities of that option are endless and particularly great for kids who have a creative streak and love to draw! 

Turn up a fun playlist

Create a fun playlist (or check out the GOTR 2022 Pump-Up Playlist) and play it throughout the house on the weekends. Bonus points go to parents who curate a playlist together with their kids! The upbeat energy of these tunes will get your kids dancing and, at the very least, moving with a little pep in their step. Different kids have different preferences with music, so take the time to learn what sparks their interest. This sharing will create new opportunities for conversation and connection and that is something we can all use for more all year long! 

Skip the online order 

Online shopping has become one of the most convenient modern-day luxuries. Because of retailers like Amazon, we only have to wait one-to-two business days for basic household items — significantly cutting down on weekly errand-running. This winter, hit pause on that habit and stop by stores in-person to get a few extra steps in. It may seem minimal, but strolling up and down aisles, as well as mall hallways, adds up quickly. As long as the weather is safe to drive in, include your kids in grocery shopping and have them assist with finding items on your list.  

Mix it up and try new things

Thanks to the vast library on YouTube, kids can check out different activities for free without ever leaving the house. If they are interested in learning the basics of martial arts, there are introductory videos for that. Do they enjoy dancing and the performing arts? Look for a tutorial video that teaches them a new dance or shows them a fun aerobic routine! Keep an eye on the permissions of their searches and create a playlist together in advance to ensure that all videos are appropriate. By trying out a well-rounded blend of activities kids will discover new things about themselves, what brings them joy and what they would like to pursue in the future.  

How do you and your family stay active every winter? Let us know! The more options and opportunities the better!  

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