6 Memory-making Gifts Your GOTR Girl Will Love

Holiday gift-giving can be a challenging and stressful task for many people. It’s often hard to find something meaningful, memorable, and a bit magical – oh, and not too expensive! Luckily, we have some GOTR-inspired holiday gift ideas that don’t require wrapping paper, bows, or gift tags!

These boxless gift ideas are inspired by the magical moments and lessons participants experience season after season: a heart-to-heart connection, shared laughter, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with overcoming a physical challenge, and the warm fuzziness that comes with knowing you’ve made a positive impact. This winter, consider these 6 Memory-making Gifts your GOTR girl will love!

Pledge to complete a 5K Together

Whether you’ve joined us previously as a volunteer 5K Buddy, use this holiday as the chance to lace up with your girl to complete a 5K! Set the time and date based on schedules and weather forecasts. It can be a local 5K community event or one you complete on your own. On 5K day, grab your GOTR garb to dress for the occasion. Before you begin, discuss a happy pace that makes you both comfortable. Then, encourage your girl to show off some stretching and strengthening moves she learned at practice. And while you’re completing the 5K, come prepared with supporting advice and guidance. She may be nervous, so remind her you are right by her side! When you finish, celebrate in a special way! High-fives, hugs, and hoorays!

Build her a Custom Playlist

Give the gift of music … in the form of a custom playlist. Take note of what songs she loves to sing and which artists she constantly brings up in conversation. Think about songs you both love and melodies that bring back fond memories together. Consider adding in some soundtracks from her favorite movie or musical. And if you’re feeling creative, the playlist can even tell a story! This gift could start another annual tradition where you add to the playlist every year.

Volunteer as a Team

Girls on the Run teams complete Community Impact Projects every season. Why not extend this tradition to your family? Family traditions are etched into our core memories. Find a cause you both love, research organizations that support that cause, and determine how you can use your combined time and talents to make a difference. On the day you volunteer, make a fun day of it: Grab or pack a yummy lunch. Make new friends, if possible, at the community site. Take photos of the experience. Support the site or organization by sharing their cause on social media. Your day of making a difference can inspire others to do the same.

Cook Up a Delish Dinner Date

You know your girls’ favorite foods and go-to snacks – find a recipe you can whip up together! Show her how much her preferences matter and how you pay attention to her needs. Set the stage – light some candles, lay out a nice tablecloth, and make a great playlist (see #2). Heck, even make it a fun theme and dress up! Take a photo of the final meal and presentation to remember this special dinner date.

Plan a Donation Day

What do you have in excess that can transform someone’s life? Together, you and your girl can gather reusable items, canned goods, and/or other goods/toys/food. Contact applicable shelters or donation sites and find an appropriate time and method to deliver the items. Package everything nicely together and include heartwarming notes of encouragement to the people who manage the site and/or the people receiving the items. GOTR girls learn about the value of empathy every season, and this activity will give her (and you!) a chance to bring this lesson to life.

Treat Her to an At-home Spa Day

Treat her and treat yourself to some relaxing treatments. Think about all of the senses as you plan this at-home getaway. Gather some inexpensive self-care items that align with her interests or preferences. Does she love brightly colored nails? Does she enjoy acoustic music? Does she enjoy the scent of vanilla? Lotions, polish, scrubs, soaks, candles, cucumber water … Spa day can look, smell, taste, sound, and feel like anything – reading together with a nice candle, journaling together after a foot massage, etc. It’s all about wellness and togetherness!

Do you have an idea to add to this list? Let us know! We hope you can pause this season, go beyond gifted merchandise, and make time to form meaningful connections and create memories that impact the now and lead to a promising future.